Sunday, 29 March 2009

House Party Blog DJ

So I know up until now I've mostly posted mixes rather than tunes, but since discovering Noiseporn and Hype Machine I've spent a lot of time surfing the indie/electro blogs for tunes. I've also recently discovered that you don't need a bag of records to play a house party any more, just a laptop and an internet connection. Went to an amazing house party in Brighton last night with DJ's playing indie, electro and baille funk remixes... which has led to me sitting at my sister's computer playing out blog tunes this morning....

BlackEyedPeas- Boom Boom Pow (Chew Fu GhettoHouse fix) | direct download

The Whip - Trash (Crookers rmx)

MGMT - Weekend Wars (George Lenton Remix).mp3

N.A.S.A. - Whatchadoin (DJ CHERNOBYL Bailemix).mp3

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Firefly: Thrash Jelly

I've already mentioned Thrash Jelly a few times on this blog. The party duo are Jeet and Max Cooper, the boys behind Nottingham's legendary Firefly nights. *Reminices back to many a morning set played by the lads after an awesome nights partying*

Anyway, they've just brought out a new EP on their own record label Firefly recordings featuring some slinky electro techno with lots of interesting noises. Check out the samples on their Myspace. And check them out at the next Firefly!

The Thrash Jelly live show spans electro, techno and breaks and consists of 3 mixers and 6 turntables being used by the pair in order to allow simultaneous scratching, juggling, mixing and layering of effects. You can check out their most recent mix below:

Gushing Fluster Mix (Direct link - right click save as)

Gushing Fluster Track Listing:

1. Plastikman – Spaz (Plus 8) – Thrash Jelly Edit
2. Sasha – Park It In The Shade (Enfire)
3. Velkro and Ido Ophir – Warehouse (Sprout)
4. Piemont – Ignition Spark (Gedankensport)
5. Sebastian – Ross Ross Ross (Ed Banger) – Thrash Jelly Edit
6. Retronouveau – Nigtmares – Mark Broom Remix (Cray 1 Digital Works)
7. Guti & Dirtyroom – Ich Kenne Keine Stiefken (Vekton Musik)
8. Luca Bacchetti – Trust (Wagon Repair)
9. Rainer Weichhold – Bamboo – Format B Remix (Great Stuff)
10. ThrashJelly – CrimsonBloom (Unsigned)
11. ThrashJelly – Fluster Gush (Unsigned)
12. Workidz – Washmachine (Toolroom)
13. Abnormal Boyz – Da Box (Globox)
14. Max Cooper – Custard Crush (Evolved Records) – Thrash Jelly Edit
15. Sebo K – Far Out (Mobilee Records)
16. Perfect Stranger and Pena – Ode Ao Sol – Moonbeam Remix (BEEF Records)
17. Adam Freeland – Hate (Marine Parade)
18. Meat Katie & D.Ramirez – Stop The Revolution – Bassbin Twins Remix (Lot49)
19. ZZT – Lower State Of Consciousness – Justice Remix (Turbo)
20. Cirez D – Control Freak – Adam Beyer and Henrik B Remix (Mouseville)
21. Rino Cerrone – Untitled 1 (Rilis) – Thrash Jelly Edit
22. Perc & Fractal – Up (Kompakt) – Thrash Jelly Edit
23. Alexi Delano – Lost 4 Words (Truesoul)
24. Unknown – Unknown (White) – Thrash Jelly Edit
25. Justice – Phantom – Boys Noize Remix (Ed Banger) – Thrash Jelly Edit
26. Max Cooper – FRANK (Firefly Recordings)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rennie Pilgrem mixes tracks through ipod headphones

I was struck by this story in The Telegraph today...

"Flatter sounds associated with digital music are now being chosen by some record producers as young listeners no longer appreciate high fidelity recordings.

Researchers believe the use of iPods and computers to play music by millions of consumers over several years has raised the collective perception of the sound quality.

Their findings suggest that the veneration of vinyl records by purists following the arrival of the CD in the 1980s is being repeated by modern day music producers exasperated by the apparent indifference of young listeners to the metallic 'sizzle' associated with the MP3 players used for digital sound." -

And who did they interview?

Rennie Pilgrem, a dance music producer, said he mixed his tracks while listening to them through iPod headphones to cater to the less refined tastes of today's youth. "To my ears iPods are not even as good quality as cassette tape," he said. "But once someone gets used to that sound then they feel comfortable with it." -

Rennie Pilgrem - 15 Years of TCR Records Mix - BBC 6 Music - 13.09.2008


1.Rennie Pilgrem - Wah Wah
2.Rennie Pilgrem - Brick Hoose
3.Unknown - Unknown
4.Splitloop - Party People
5.Rennie Pilgrem - Mantauk
6.Monster Baobinga & ID - Jewel
7.Silicon Valley Def Stars - Believer
8.General Midi - Further
9.Michael Morph - Unknown
10.Rennie Pilgrem & Uberzone - Fuego
11.Rennie Pilgrem & Uberzone - Cookie
12.Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM - Eskimo
13.JDS - Purple Funky Monkey

Thanks to Breakzlinkz and Breaking News

Monday, 2 March 2009

Ninja Tune: Shuttle - Tunnel

Listening to the Joe Ransom show on Kiss Fm the other night and he dropped an epic tune by a new Massachusets producer called Shuttle.

Listen to it here:
Shuttle - Rotten Guts Featuring Cadence Weapon (Link to Hype Machine)

This bodes well for his first EP "Tunnel" coming out on Ninja Tune on 16 March. I haven't bought anything on Ninja Tune for a while but after browsing through their beatport catalogue that's all going to change and "Tunnel" may by the release that swings it.

You can get an idea of Shuttle's full hip-hop and dubstep laced sound by listening to this mixtape:

Shuttle - the vostock 1 mixtape (z-share link)