Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's got chilly again... I thought I'd make a little chill-out mix. At the moment I still want to live in PJs, in bed, big glass of wine in hand and various making a mix means I dont have to keep getting up to press play!
I also did it for Inspiral Lounge in Camden (check it out if you haven't been - lovely cafe) - they wanted to refresh their playlists...

So if you've just got back from work, or a party, put your fave slippers on, fire up your pipe and relax!

World Teleporter chill-out mix by Katty Grooves

and for 2 for the price of 1, here's a luscious mix from my boy dj Billy Butlins :D

Winter Greens by Billy Butlins

also chilled but slightly different vibe... some sublime tracks in there!

Big love, Katty x

DJ Parker: The Monkey Butler Did it Again

In summer 2009 someone lost a monkey en route to Bristol zoo, and Parker became a cult hero for fusing dubstep and electro swing....

  Parker- Where's My Monkey? by DJ Parker 

Come 2011 and Parker's worked out the answer to the question we've all been asking, whilst putting together the best mixtape of the year to date. He draws on his own extensive arsenal of refixes hold things together while a good choice of MC tracks keeps the pace over the bouncing beats . The mix is peppered with some proper comedy samples too, including my fave eve dubstep quote from this video.

The scope is epic, with hiphop, glitch hop, funk, breaks, rock, dubstep and d'n'b overlaid and mashed up together throughout. Snatches of familiar tunes creep in for a few bars at a time before morphing straight into the next thing. If he used records (rather than control vinyl) he'd be tossing discs over his shoulder like Jeff Mills.

...and for the swing fans? How about Missy Eliot mashed up with Glen Miller?
  The Monkey Butler Did It Mix by DJ Parker

The Monkey Butler- A Reminder
Parker- The Self Indulgent Intro
The Monkey Butler- Lays It Down
Parker- Hear Ya Say- Bombstrikes
Aretha Franklin- Rock Steady (Parker Remix)- Ghetto Funk
Vibes Squad- Aristocratic Static- Vibe Squad
Parker v P Zilla- Golden Sounds ft Conrad Watts (Acapella)- Goodgroove
Ashanti- Only You (Parker Re-fix)
George Benson- Give Me The Night (Parker Re-jig)
BBC Radio 4- Carolyn Quinn on PM
Kidda- Doo Whot ft Blak Twang (Acapella)- Skint
Ludacris- Stand Up (Parker Re-flip)
Opuio- Tender Wrinkle- Addictech
The Reckless Moment- Columbia
Cymande- Dove- Janus
B.I.G.- Can I Get Witcha- Bad Boy
Mr Scruff- Zen- Ninja
Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders- We're Doing It (The Thang Part 2)- Bo-Sound
Porn Theatre Ushers- Me & Him (Parker Re-hash)
Foreign Beggars- Shake It- Dented
The Monkey Butler- What A Treat
The Mohawks- Studio 69- KPM
The Doors- Soul Kitchen- Elektra
Missy Elliot- Pass That Dutch- Elektra
Parker v Fake Blood- Mars Needs Parker
Eric B & Rakim- Juice (Know The Ledge) (Parker Re-fiddle)
The Beekeepers- Queen Bee ft Mystro- Jalapeno
DJ Hero- Sub Sonic- Velcro City
Max Sedgley- Sound Boy ft Tor (Parker Remix)- Jalapeno
Max Sedgley- Sound Boy ft Tor (Acapella)- Jalapeno
Mumford & Sons- Lion Man (Parker- Re-do)
Muse- Knights of Cydonia (Parker's Fight The Bankers! Remix)
Joker & Ginz- Re-Up- Kapsize
BBC Radio 1- Mary Anne Hobs on Bristol Rise Up!
Parker- Say Goodnight ft Conrad Watts (Acapella)- Rocstar
Art Of Noise- Moments In Love (Parker Re-dub)
Parker v Black Sabbath- Iron Mandem
BBC Radio 1- Mary Anne Hobs on Bristol Rise Up!
Gramatik- Liquified- Cold Busted
Criminal Minds- Baptized By Dub- White House
Musical Youth- Pass The Dutchie- MCA
MC Duke- I'm Riffin (Acapella)- Music Of Life
Turntable Dubbers- I Say Yeah- Nice Up
The Cure- Love Cats- Sire
The Who- Baby Don't You Do It- Track
Sigma- Baltimore- Breakbeat Kaos
Rasco- Hip Hop Essentials (Acapella)- Pockets Linted Entertainment
Total Science- Redlines- Critical
Bcee & S.P.Y.- Is Anybody Out There- Spearhead
DJ C- Let It Billie- Scandal Bag
Stew Pot's- Pop Party- Warwick
DJ Shadow- Trench Battle Beat- Universal
Glenn Miller- Little Brown Jug- His Master's Voice
Missy Elliot- Get Your Freak On (Acapella)- Elektra
Dr Meaker- Double Bass- Flightcase
Dr Meaker- Double Bass (Acapella)- Flightcase
Neil Diamond- Cherry Cherry- Metronome
DJ Marky & XRS- LK- V Recordings
Chris Morris & Armando Innucci- On The Hour Series One Episode 3- Warp Records
Parker- Bogus Hocus Pocus
Eddie Hinton Interview
Led Zeppelin- Whole Lotta Love- Atlantic
Klute- Glue Sniffer (Keaton Remix)- Commercial Suicide
Charlie Whitehead- Let's Do It Again Parts 3 & 4- Ace
The Monkey Butler- One More
S.P.Y.- By Your Side- Spearhead
The Princess Bride- 20th Century Fox

Check Parker's Soundcloud for more free refixes and mash-ups!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bad Tango's Analogue Hedgehog, Flithy Peasant and Disco Steve

Helloo - Katty here - finally got around to writing a music blog thanks to Peachi & co.! Looking forward to sharing my favourite artists' music with you - new and old- so be it breaks, filth, full on psytrance, dubby dub dub or mash potato, I'll do my best to give you a tasty selection of the chunkiest funkiest beats out there :D
First up: my favourite psy-breaks artist of the moment, who has literally burst onto the scene within the last few months with his astoundingly astute production skillz and scintillatingly spiky sound. Monsieur Will Railton aka BAD TANGO is only 22, but has already created a most excellent reputation: since smashing up the dancefloor at gigs such as Waveform festival 2010, Mr Tango's crafty creations are sure to be snapped up by record labels and DJs alike as he continues to produce top drawer choons.

Here's his phatty phatty remix of Big Mistake's hit 'Paradigma':
Big Mistake - "Paradigma" (Bad Tango Remix) [Out now on Juno] by Bad Tango

And one of my personal favourites: so aptly named, 'Analogue Hedgehog' truly evokes a plump, squidgy hedgehog covered with sharp metallic spikes, shuffling and bumbling along enjoying the groove! How he makes it sound simultaneously soft and spiky escapes me (think Peachi's alliteration might be catching?!)
Analogue Hedgehog by Bad Tango

 Watch this space for more chunkadelic releases... plus the guy is as nice as his tracks... great to see talent get recognised! 

If you take your break(fast?) with an edge of tech funk filthiness, look no further than this obese mix by dirt fiend FILTHY PEASANT (Matt Lawrence). True to his name, this rather sneaky vagabond schmuches up psy and funk influences with technical prowess. The middle phase of Far Too Loud, Olmec and Sam Hell tracks particularly floats my boat! Here's his December mix, the best I reckon:

Filthy Peasant - December Mix by Filthy Peasant

and here he is enjoying an abnormally face-disfiguring drop:


Last but not least, DISCO STEVE is a psytrance mixologist that has caught my attention recently. If you're into wild psychedelic journeys to planet zogg and beyond, this mix will be right up your street! Hovering on the edge of my threshold for full-on/'dark' tolerance but definitely making me want to stomp like a maniac, Steven Roberts shows his relentless passion for psy - especially from South Africa. Last track is stupendous!

Disco Steve-Twilight Psy-Trance Set (13-01-2011) by Disco Steve

So... hope you're all danced out! Stay tuned for my next post on Neuroplasm, psytrance wizards, plus inevitably more filth. Might drop in a mix of my own at the end! ;)


Katty Grooves x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

JPOD The Beat Chef - Free Downloads! o_0

Just a short one, but something I had to share.

As a celebration of joining the Ghettofunk crew, JPOD the Beat Chef is giving away a bunch of free tunes from his label Swing Set Sounds.

Get there for EPIC tunes:
Hobostyle (that's right Peachi)
Teddydream and
Funkin it up

JPOD is my favourite DJ of the last couple of months. He releases a load of free remixes through his label and his Soundcloud page. Every one is a heavy banger, and I've had all of them on continuous repeat for ages!

hobostyle by JPOD the beat chef

Go and get them!!

love and hugs,


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dubstep? Really?

So this is also my first post. I guess I'm going to bring a new flavour to this blog... I mean, I don't really get dubstep, it all just sounds like a bunch of whale noises to me:

Stickybuds - Whalestep by Stickybuds~

But if you do like dubstep, I would certainly recommend this free download from Rusko, courtesy of Fenchurch. You have to sign up to their newsletter to get access to their mixes, but there are a bunch of good artists: Qemists, Nextmen, Krafty Kuts, all with hour long mixes up for free download.

Rusko's mix contains a whole bunch of epic dubstep anthems, plenty of grindy bass and dirty bwompbwompbwomp:
Rusko – Dial My Number
Redlight – Feels So Good
Stenchman – Puking Over – Rusko Special Mix
Chase & Status – Saxon
Bassment Jaxx – Feelins Gone – Rusko Remix
Kid Sister & Rusko – Pro Nails
Calvin Harris – Not Alone – Doorley Remix
Neeka – Heartbeat – Chase N Status Remix
Rusko – Go Go Gadget Rusko
Skunk Anansie – I Can Dream – Rusko Remix
Rusko – Everybody Dance Now
Kid Kudi – Day And Night _ Rusko Remix
Rusko – Jahovia
Skream – Murdera Instrumental
Rusko – My Mouth
Trolley Snatcha – Rock The Funky Beats
Rusko & Chali 2na – How Low Can U Go?
Jakes – Code Zebra
Little Boots – Remedy – Rusko Remix
Nero – Blinded By The Lights
Flux Pavillion & Trolley Snatcha – F**king Noise
Marco Del Horno – Samurai – Rusko Remix
Rusko – Cockney Thug
Rusko – Cockney Thug – Buraka Som Sistema Remix
Benga – Night – Buraka Som Sistema Remix
Marco Del Horno – Gunman Remix
Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital – Rusko Remix
Dj Luck & Mc Neat – Little Bit Of Luck

And now to the 'real' music :) I've been on a journey of discovery through new music for the last year, and I am loving the places I've been, and where I'm at now. Thanks to lots of people, including Morbidly Obese Midget and Ninja Dave, I've found some sick sh*t to share. Ghettofunk is the sound of 2011 for me. This week, I have been mostly rocking to:

2010 Promo mix by Will Streetwise and Richie Balboa
Streetwise Balboa Promo Mix 2010 by Richie Balboa

This mix spans hip hop, ghettofunk, breakbeat, electro and for all you hardcore kids, throws in some chunky dubstep and drum'n'bass towards the end. Massive.

1. Grinny Grandad - Good Girl (A Skillz Remix) (Streetwise Edit)
2. Dancefloor Outlaws - Regualte (GFunk)
3. Nick Thayer Feat NFA - Grey Sky Blue
4. Dancefloor Outlaws - Get Your Boogie Down (Outlaws VIP)
5. Dancefloor Outlaws - Magic Badness Ride
6. Drummattic Twins - Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte 2010 remix)
7. Kelis - Accapella (Plump DJs Mashup - Balboa edit))
8. Gramophonedzie - Why don't you (Krafty edit)
9. Beat Assassins vs Miss Dynamite
10. Bass Kleph vs Dizzy Rascal
11. Vinyl Life - Hi Tops
12. Big Daddy Kane - Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
13. Ils & Baymont Bross - I Wunda
14. Uffie - MCs can kiss (Far too loud remix)
15. Chuckie / LMFAO - Let the bass kick vs Miss Dynamite
16. Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Streetwise Edit)
17. Deadmau5 - Technology (Streetwise Edit)
18. Basement Freaks - Booty Jam
19. Utah Saints - Getting Better
20. Katy B - On a mission (Streetwise Edit)
20. TI - ED209
21. Lofty Longtigga - The Phone Ran

Enjoy xx upstart

Friday, 21 January 2011

Spread the Love.... for dubstep

Hello there!! Polo here ~~
As my first post, it is a privilege to introduce you to the Barry White of dubstep. If your partner is into it (dubstep or Barry White or both), prepare a gourmet diner with candle lights and rose petals all over the table and put this mix on the stereo. Heck, forget the candle lights and the roses, forget even the diner. Just play the mix. I can guarantee that this will be a night to remember.
The mix is on the downtempo side, nothing like some high-charged whoampwhoampwhoamp acid dubsteppy whompass tune. It's got this calm, warm, self-confidence vibe that says "Oh yeah, we'll get there bebe but no rush, we've got allllllll night". Just like Barry White.

How did I stumble upon this mix? I don't remember. Honestly. I must have been surfing the wave for quite some time, loosing track of time and space when suddenly, BAM! I was listening to the Love Step mix by Witness, a DJ from Pittsburgh, PA. And soon enough the magic happened. I kept saying "Oulala ouiiiiiii, c'est bon...!".

Love Step (02-2010) by Witness

1. Heart Beat - Nneka (Chase And Status Remix)
2. When I Look at You - Emalkay (SDUK Remix)
3. You're the Sun to Me - Faithless (Emalkay Remix)
4. What You Know - Two Fingers ft.Sway (Emalkay remix Instrumental)
5. Lotus - Trillbass
6. Thing's Go Wrong - Unitz
7. Hurt You - She Is Danger (Subscape Remix)
8. My Moon My Dub - Feist (DZ Remix)
9. Blinded By the Lights - The Streets (Nero Remix)
10. Take Me to the Hospital - The Prodigy (Rusko Remix)
11. One Last Time - Cut & Run
12. Weekend Wars - M.G.M.T (Cut & Run)
13. Running Away - Wedge and Shadz

14. Watch the Sun Come Up - Example (Joker Remix)
15. Could This Be Real - Subfocus (Joker Remix)
16. Love Don't Come Easily - Skream
17. Night by Night - Chromeo (Skream Remix)
18. You're on My Mind - Rusko
19. E500 AMG - JSL
20. Dreamin - Fonzerelli (Bar Noise Remix)
21. Far From Here - In Context ft.Jessica Poole (Ishe Remix)
22. One Of The Same - Caspa & Rusko
23. Sometimes I still Miss Her - Charlie P.
24. Holding On - Mr.J.Mereiros (B.Rich Remix)
25. In The Middle - The Streets (Nero Remix)
26. Kids - M.G.M.T (Bukez Finezt Remix)
27. Rock Bottom - Rusko & Caspa

28. RMS - Nobody Knows
29. Rock Bottom - Rusko & Caspa
30. I Gave You Every Thing - The Swarms

One word about (it's where you can download the Love Step mix). They believe in free distribution of music.
All music on their website can be listened to and downloaded, together with track listings. For free.
big \o/ for these guys.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Smoke this in your pipe and swing it!

***Howdy folks! Dave "The" Knox here...long time listener, first time blogger. I'm fresh outta bloggin' bootcamp so go easy on me sarge...***

This mix is literally still dripping little 1's and 0's as it's so fresh off the mp3 press... the genre creating Dutty Moonshine have bent to the will of the baying public by releasing a mash-up mix of their eclectic rave-driven Electro Swing style.

Dutty (Don Von Drop It & FunkunFurl) have been steadily kicking the arse into Electro Swing for a while now... dirty little dubstep fused ditties (Soundcloud "Spanky Tonk"!) have popped up here and there sparking enough interest for a tour last summer that took them to such diverse places as Paris and Bethnal Green (via quite a few other locales!).

I'm crap at descriptions so here's theirs: Swing for the rave generation and rave for the swing generation. With backgrounds of Drum and Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro and Breaks and a passion for vintage music, scantily clad ladies and dapper d├ęcolletage comes a duet DJ show which brings you back to the 30's with big bad dutty basslines thrown in to satisfy all those insatiable needs.

'nuff reading! Listen to this....Knox out.

Savage Henry - Breathe and Swing
Backini Company - B Boy
Tape Five - Dixie Biscuit
Dunklebunt - La Revedere
Al'Tarba - Mushroom Burger
C2C - 2005 DMC Piece
Chinese Man - Artichaut
Eminem - Without Me
Jive Bunny - Beethoven
Beat3 - Superduper
Bassnectar - Carried Away
Beats Antique - Roustabout (Bassnectar remix)
Top Shelf Jazz - Live Hard, Drunk, Die Rich (Dutty Moonshine edit)
Caravan Palace - Brotherswing (Major Zero)
Goldfish - Wet Willy
Dutty Moonshine - Up To The Red
Balkan Beatbox - Delancy
The McMash Clan - Balkan Riddim
Max Farenthide - Happy People
Kormac - Wash My Hands
Odjbox - Bakers Dozen
Beat3 - Eastcoast Swing
OdjBox - Mister Joe's Cafe
DKS - Sing Sing Sing
White Noise - You Ain't Got That Swing
Don Johnson Big Band - One Mc One Delay
Zodiac Cartel - Make My Music
Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano (High Rankin remix)
Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You Do Right (High Rankin remix)
Parker - Where's My Monkey
Cragga - Mr. Postman
Bukez Finezt - Al Jawala
Stenchman - Puking Over
Stenchman - Cockeck
Dutty Moonshine - How To Escape A Haunted House
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - Everything Stops
DJ Yoda - Ding Dong Daddy
Baron - The Ratpack
Glen Miller - In The Mood (Dr. Fish remix)
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack (unknown artist remix)
Louis Armstrong - If It Ain't Got That Swing (Fractal Remix)
En El Hijodeputa Del Edificio
Waga Waga - Beeg Spenda

Monday, 17 January 2011

OshJ - Josh Forrester - Electro Mix

Peachi here - Well it is with much aural pleasure that I present to you a link or two to a veritable plethora of deliciously dirty and driving dubstep DeehJay mixes - by none other than the man himself Josh. This is the gent that melted my brain at Nowhere Festival several times and had me blowing synapses all over the place. He also worked his arse off and put together the 'Jungle is Massive' Ubertown camp that was the centre of several of my top moments of Nowhere (great name for a camp too!). See previous post about the Badicals for edivence... Thanks Josh!

Nowhere Festival is the European Regional Burning Man gathering and he also DJ's at the associated London Decompression Parties (an indoor winter Burning Man'esque ra-union party) and he regularly makes socks dissapear there too ;)

Electro mix 14/12/10 by OshJ

So I'm just gonna give you the link to his soundcloud page where there are 9 mixes to choose from: 5 dubstep, 2 glitch, 1 drum & bass and one electro. I have to say the Electro Mix included above is my favourite, although there are moments in the other dubstep mixes that got me drooling. As hoped for, Josh remembered to press record and added two more mixes from playing out last weekend (15-16th Jan 2011), which I am still working my way through. So the mixes at the top of the page on his soundcloud page are fresh out the packet ladies and gents... mmmmm!

If I was gonna give some constructive feedback, I'd say that dubstep gets a bad name for sometimes just putting some womp bass behind a well known track without really meshing it in well or making it into something new and improved (it can get a bit samey and formulaic). Which is why I think I tend to veer towards dubstep producers who mainly create original tracks rather than just remixes (e.g. Mimosa, NitGrit). That said, some remixes are better than others and there are some less good selections in the Josh mixes in my opinion. But that's just my opinion - different peeps will probably like different ones, so I guess it's hard to predict what's gonna work as a supasta DeehJay. The main thing is that most of the time they are just full power inspiringly PHAT tracks!! Enjoy!

Best Sunrise Eva - Nowhere 2010

Josh has a unique way of tagging his tracks on Soundcloud as comments within the track soundwave. Which I find really useful cause then you know exactly which track is which. Nice work Josh! Lets hope it catches on ;)

My favourites:
Feed me - The Spell
I'm Not Your Boyfriend (Please Don't Touch Me) [Original Mix]
Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status remix)

For comedy samples:
Birdy - Gay on Toast
Penny for the DJ - Ninjas (Ninja Man Raga Party)

but this is my favouritest:
Feed Me - Mordez Moi (Original) - WOW!

I'll be avin those on download thankyou very much ;)

Finally you may notice some new names appearing and posting on the blog. Very much looking forward to reading those blogs from fresh ears and I welcome my fellow muzik lovers to the MM blog!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

NastyNasty bears his Lazer Soul

For me, NastyNasty's Priceless was one of the stand out tracks on this year's Acid Crunk compilation from An-Ten-Nae. It's a mournful vocal repeated over sleepy dubstep with creeping electric lazer noises is a pretty good introduction to his sound, which takes that sad but beautiful element of dubstep and makes it something so much more....

Hailing from Okland, CA, NastyNasty first came to my attention on Soundcloud through a joint remix of Rn'b classic Say My Name with NiT GRiT. Unbelievably it still hasn't reached it's download limit despite it's hair raising combination of classic dubstep, NiT GRiT's earth shaking lazer bass and NastyNasty's off kilter swirling lazer synth - so grab it while it's still hot!

Both artists share a sense of meoldy, but while NiT GRiT goes for all out lister submission through the power of his bass, immersion in NastyNasty's sound is a more subtle process. His beats are more broken, his melodies layered in more comples patterns and his overall palette more eclectic - more along the lines of Slugabed or Nosaj Thing. Check out Western Slang below for a good example.
Western Slang by NastyNasty

More recently he's dropped a free VIP remix of No Name which lets the bass bubble as much as wobble as the arpegiating high end weaves in and out of an achingly wistful vocal. Perhaps the best this he's produced to date:
No Names VIP by NastyNasty

Meanwile this wicked remix of Justice's New Jack seems to pull him out of his dubsteppy roots into a funkier mid-tempo crunk disco vibe:
Justice - New Jack (NastyNasty Remix) by NastyNasty

If you download just one thing though, most of these tunes and more are showcased in the beautiful Lazer Soul mixtape he uploaded a few months back:
Lazer Soul by NastyNasty

I'm so jealous of these people here

It's time you got NastyNasty ;-)

Monday, 10 January 2011

MiHKAL: It's a SNUGLiFE for some

This time two years ago I found Bay area DJ MiKHAL's GH3TTO $P!RiTU4L M!XT@P3 over on Glitch Hop Forum. It introduced me to some classic tunes and built from a "nice overlaid glitch-hop that starts chilled and then begins dropping bass bombs about halfway through".

His latest SNUGLiFE mix or "75 minutes of Audio Fondling" keeps the chilled vibe most of the way through, but still steers us into some pretty tasty backwaters of bass. He eases us in through Mimosa's lush remix of Breathe by Telepopmusik going really nicley into an Akira Kiteshi remix and building to take in recent epics like like Grit Shifter, Joker's Ain't Got a Name and Mimosa'S Your Love. I'm also liking the sound of Sharps and Guttstar who I've not come across before.

Some of the real highlights though are the tasty mash-ups of chilled crunk classics put together by MiHKAL himself, which you can download as stand alones from his soundcloud. Check out Fine Day on the Kriptonite and Enter The Whatever.

All in all it's an epic journey through some lush whompscapes capped off by a chilled John Lennon remix that actually works. Sit back and allow those ears to be fondled....

1. Rigzin & Knowa Knowone ~ Dedication

2. Telepopmusik ~ Breathe (MiMOSA Remix)
3. Phaeleh ~ Afterglow (Akira Kiteshi Remix)
4. Eastern Sun & Oscure ~ Third Eye High (R/D Remix)
5. MiMOSA vs. PANTyRAiD vs. Widdler vs. Art of Noise ~ Fine Day On That Kryptonite (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
6. Sharps ~ The Growth
7. Joker & TC ~ It Ain't Got A Name
8. NiT GRiT ~ Grit Shifter
9. ChrisB. ~ Redshift
10. Guttstar ~ Lunar Stick Shift
11. MiMOSA ~ Your Love
12. Massive Attack ~ Teardrop (Knight Riderz Remix)
13. Gladkill ~ That Girl Is Trouble
14. MIA ~ Caps Lock (MiHKAL REMiXXX)
15. Portishead + PANTyRAiD + Glitch Mob + Marty Party + Emalkay + Bassnectar ~ Enter The Whateva (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
16. Mix n' Blend ft. Rayelle ~ First Light
17. John Lennon ~ Imagine (NiCo LuMinouS Remix)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy New Ye-Ra: Musical Mana mixtape party!

New Year's Eve Peachi and I went for the house party option this year over the club/free party and had a great piss up at DevKev Spinning@'s new pad in Am I Bovingdoned? Wanting to just have fun with friends we went for the mixtape option over djing and were able to join the whole party rocking to these Musical Mana mixes from last year.

RaFlux by Peachimpy-Ra

    Ra Power! Mix by Morbidly Obese Midget

We also bounced to some phat tunes selected by our mate Oli, including the JPOD mixtape below. Not only is Oli a sick-ass juggler, he's got an impeccable taste in music too, so we've asked him to join the Musical Mana team. Get ready for even more funkin good $hit coming your way in 2011!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

JPOD (the beat chef) - Usual Flow

Peachi Here - Happy New Beers all! Welcome to 2011, may it be full of funky music to brighten your life via your massive ears and into your highly tuned mental pleasure zones ;)

So one of the joys of meeting new people at an extended New Years Eve Party (thanks Kev-Ra n ClaiRa) is that you get to meet new people and in the ensuing chill out you can hear some top new mixes. So it's with big thanks to Oli-Ra (also recently starring in the Spinning @ christmas party show) that I bring you this lovely warm and funky mix from JPOD - the Beat Chef. Not as full power as the usual stuff we post on here but perfect for a mellow dance or up tempo chill out - and plenty of dub-step and wompa wobble-a-tron (or Wobblehop and Midtempo Breaks as JPOD calls it!). Download the "Usual Flow" mix on soundcloud here and by clicking the down arrow below - track listing at end of blog entry.

usual flow by JPOD the beat chef

Lots of playful sillyness in there too with Fraggle Rock (Fraggle Womp.... Ha ha! ;) , the Smurfs and the Muppets making a welcome appearance at the end. Some great re-mixes of Nelly Furtado and AC/DC at the start after a quite fun intro if you listen to it through the voice-coder. My favourite bit is at about 48mins 20secs where "Hobostyle" kicks in and edges of my lips move towards my ears. LOVE IT!

You can also download a free EP "Tunes Pack" here with several of his tunes on for NOWT! - I recommend his remix of "Radiohead - Creep" (lovely complex and warm womp dub remix) and "How We Really Rock". Enjoy!

You can buy his music and stems etc here and there are other mixes and tracks on his soundcloud page that are worth checking out (like Collective Promo and 30mins Mess). Still working through it all myself... but all good so far!

Finally a big thanks to Chris-Ra Fatty Morbjit for his work on the Musical Mana Blog over the years - seriously enriched my life musically and it is a joy to chip in what I can! Love love love muzik innit ;) [I have to say it was great fun playing both our full power mixes back to back at the NYE party and having a good stomp to both....RRRAAAAaaaaa!]

TRACK LISTING for Usual Flow

mr rigolo - back in babylone
opiuo - water mouth
[ nelly furtado - turn off the light ]
[ baby cham - rude boy pledge ]
opiuo - off chops
[ red hot chili peppers - give it away ]
jpodtbc - santeria remix (instrumental)
[ parker - western soul acapella ]
[ mighty underdogs - in here ]
jpodtbc - hobblestone (instrumental)
[ lyrics born - turn it up ]
dunkelbunt - give you action
[ top cat - glamorous ]
mr. dero & klumzy tung - little things (jfb remix)
[ rayvon - no guns no murder ]
jpodtbc - sambanga (instrumental)
[ jurassic 5 - freedom ]
[ quannum - put yer back into it ]
william breakspear vs strangeways - skanky panky
[ tok - nah go stray ]
zeb - toe to toe
[ pharcyde - passin me by ]
jpodtbc - fragglewomp
jpodtbc - slapstick (instrumental)
[ buju banton & cocoa tea - go home soundboy ]
[ capleton - fire ]
[ bob marley - sun is shining ]
jpodtbc - teddydream
nick thayer - grey sky blue
[ mr vegas - taxi fare ]
[ baby cham - heading to the top ]
jpodtbc - untitled
[ afrika bambaataa - funky heroes ]
[ soup - listen to the dj ]
ganga giri - jump up
david starfire - sitarfire
[ beta g - bhangra panch ]
ganga giri - bayami
[ chromeo - night by night ]
dunkelbunt - kebab connection
[ afrika bambaataa & mustafa akbar - shift ]
flowering inferno - swing easy
[ tok - cree ]
jpodtbc - see you smile
dub pistols - ganja
[ beenie man - girls dem sugar ]
jpodtbc - hobostyle
opiuo - patchouli dump truck
[ blackalicious - make you feel that way ]
[ general degree - pon dem ]
[ see i - homegrown ]
jpodtbc - particle path (instrumental)
[ tok - she's hot ]
jpodtbc - yet again
jpodtbc - smurfalong
[ matisyahu - one day ]
jpodtbc - muppitshow