Friday, 25 May 2012

Bass cannons and trouser wobblers

Easy now - Upstart here for the first time in loooongtimes. I'll blame a lack of internets during my time in Berlin, but really it's just chronic laziness. Still, despite not having posted here for a couple of months, I've been snuffling away for musical truffles like a big metaphorical piggy.

But I think rather than bore you all with my lukewarm banter, I'm just going to crack on with the bangers.

First up: Stumbled upon this massive banger while out in Berlin: IMF by Terry Lynn

This for me is the biggest tune I've heard this year, so imagine my surprise when I found out the album came out in 2008! If you can already see me goggle-eyed and amazed, imagine my further surprise when I found out as I was writing this post that THE WHOLE ALBUM IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD.

Yes, that's right, I'm shouting, partly because it's phenomenally awesome and partly because I need to distract my work colleagues from the fact that I need to change my trousers now...

Ahem... moving swiftly on, next up is Bust a Fuze from southern UK's mysterious mastermind WBBL. Crank up your bass cannons in advance:

Hells yea.

If your neck is not yet broken from nine minutes of ferocious bouncing, wrap your lugholes around this - Benji Boko's mahoosive remix of Roots Manuva classic, Witness:

This tune is coming out on Benji Boko's Remix album, released (I believe for free, it's actually a little unclear) on the 28th of May, which is this Monday. Get updates by signing up for Benji's newsletter, here:

Ready for another bassy funkgasm? Spark up a fat one for DJ Voita, Mr Cocoman and The Solid Vibes:

I think that's what they're asking for anyway...

So one last bouncy tune before I steer back towards MusicalMana-licensed genres - gird up your swing pants and wiggle to this little gem from Kid Kasino:

I'm finding it harder to track down Glitch Hop and Glitch that really floats my boat at the moment - lots that I'm hearing recently just sounds like a re-hash of the Glitch Mob or Koan Sound... Having said that, Mouldy Soul, in my opinion, never fails to crank out the bangers.

Chilled it may be, but don't underestimate The Harangu:

And now, the dubstep. Whether you are a Skrillex-hater, a Skrillex-lover, or downright Skrillex-agnostic, this beat from Skullee is BRUTAL:

So that's it from me, aside from a resolution to post more often! And now, before I get in trouble with MoM, here's a picture of a fish:

Love and kisses, Upstart