Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Look Mommy - I made a thing!

One of the last things I did before leaving the UK was have a little DJ jam with my man the Wizard, on the shiny new VCI300. I made this, which I quite like:

Can't stop this condensation by OliTheJuggler

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fort Knox Five in London this Friday + UK dates

 Dammit - why am I never in London when my favourite DJs swing by?! Fort Knox Five in town this Friday as I make my way to deepest darkest Wales. At least I can listen to this mixtape on the way down. Have fun you lucky buggers...

DJ Jon H of FK5′s “Peaceful Invasion Tour”:
Friday May 20 – Vienna, Austria @ Café Leopold
Saturday May 21 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Camp Sessions @ Mixtape
Friday May 27 – Southampton, UK @ Orange Rooms
Friday May 27 – London, UK @ Fabric
Saturday May 28 – Budapest, Hungary
Friday June 3 – Edinburgh, UK @ Voodoo Rooms
Saturday June 4 – Jersey, UK – Ultrafunkula @ Pure

Fort Knox Five: "Peaceful Invasion Mix 2011" by fortknoxfive

Ready or Crunk (DC’s Finest Edit) – Fort Knox Five vs. Opiuo vs. The Fugees
Express Yourself (A Skillz Edit) – Charles Wright
G.O.A.T. (Nick Thayer Remix) – LL Cool J
Dancehall Kings – JStarr
Studio Base (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs. Rob Base vs. Alan Hawkshaw
Nickleodeon – J-Roc
Step Into A World (Dave Nada Edit) – KRS-One
Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix) – Toddla T
Just Buggin’ (A Skillz Remix) – Whistle
Pimp Deep – Pimpsoul
Iced Kranz (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs. Ice T vs. George Kranz
Wicky Wacky (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs. Fatback Band
Gypsy Breaks (Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP Remix) – Basement Freaks
Sugarfree Style – Javier Morillas vs. Afrika Bambaataa
Wacalote Blast (DCs Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs Boozoo Bajou vs Calagad 13
C.R.E.A.M. (DJ Moneyshot’s Travesty Mix) – Wu Tang Clan
Showrocker (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs. Bassjackers vs. The Partysquad
As We Enter (Deekline & Red Polo Remix) – Damian Marley & Nas
Badman Killa (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs. Vato Gonzalez
Revolt – Neighbour & Think Tan
Falsehood – Bassline
Oye Good Time (DC’s Finest Remint) – Fort Knox Five vs Santana vs Chesire



Stickybuds starts UK & European Tour!

One of the best breaks makers I've discovered of late is man like Stickybuds. He makes some damn funky shit with proper good bass and lashings of ragga toasting, so I'm stoked that he's coming from Canada to over to Europe this June to promote his new vinyl only EP from Ghetto Funk. Check the tour line up and tunes below, and this brilliant little promo video. If you like A.skillz, Fort Knox Five, and JPOD you'll love it. Now where can I find some turntables nowdays...?


Ghetto Funk Presents Stickybuds (GFP02) by ghettofunk


  Baymont Bross Feat. Sporty-O - Handz Sky Up (Stickybuds Remix) by Stickybuds~ 

  Deekline + Ed Solo Present ~ Stickybuds - Guaranteed (Jungle Cakes 007) by Stickybuds~

  Basement Freaks - Here Comes Our Dilla (Stickybuds Remix Ft. The Rootsellers) by Stickybuds~


  Stickybuds - Bass Now VIP by Stickybuds~

  Dj Wood - Turn Me On (Stickybuds Drunk Ass Edit) by Stickybuds~


  Stickybuds - The Wookie Shuffle (2010 Promo Mix) by Stickybuds~

Barcelona funkytown

So I quit my job to become a professional juggler, and moved to Barcelona to make street shows... it's going well!

Now this has left me without great access to the internet, so I won't be posting often over the next couple of months. However, I am still sifting through my soundcloud net, so I'll try to post some of the gems, like this one, in keeping with the theme, from a Spanish DJ:

Telephunken Summer 2011 mix by Telephunken

Ernesto Sánchez is Telephunken. He lives in Madrid, and his sound is huge. The Summer 2011 promo mix starts out chilled out and funky, before getting heavier with some crunchy bass, then out through a bit of chilled out (for me) d'nb'. Check it out!

And next, the mix I was rocking out to big time at the BJC, Barry Ashworth, the Dup Pistols frontman's epic hip hop mix:

DUB PISTOLS Mash up mix vol 2 by dubpistol

My favourite tunes are: 'Sofa' - Nextmen (MILK remix) and the 'Mr Wendel' - Arrested Development remix. Overall, this mix has an awesome summery vibe, just right for enjoying the sunshine.

Talking of which, it's about 30 degrees outside. I'm going to go and sunbathe.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Funk breaks mash-up all over da place

Ever since your gran started calling everything a 'mash-up', the sub-genre of funky breaks combos has swelled like a goose in a grain store. Driven by the likes of A.Skillz and Featurecast, labels like Bombstrikes and the ever growing Ghetto Funk crew, the number of tunes being cut and shunted on a daily basis has been reaching all-you-can-eat levels of abundancy.

If you don't know what I'm talking about (where have you been since 2004?), making a funky breaks mash-up involves taking a familiar vocal / bassline / riff / chorus / sample, blending it with at least one other familiar vocal / bassline / riff / chorus / sample and pouring it over some funky mid-tempo beats, with plenty of bouncing elastic bass thrown for good measure.

Having almost completely exhausted James Brown samples lately, DJ's searching for something different have been using more and more classic hip hop, reggae, funk and music like wot I grew up with. Breaks has always been good at resampling classic tunes and assimilating different styles of music, so this just seems to be a further blurring of the lines to the point that even the individual productions can no longer be identified in the melting pot.

What does this all mean? Have breaks DJs now given up writing original tunes? Does your nan know more than she's letting on? I have no idea, but it all sounds good and it's damn fun to dance to. Here's a few of the tastiest mixtapes I've been enjoying this month:

  Slynk - 2011 Hour Of Funk by Slynk

  Pimpsoul Promo mix 2011 by Pimpsoul

Monday, 2 May 2011

Mimosa - 58 Degrees EP

LO Peachi ear:

Just a quicky to make sure you get this lovely warm and wompy quality dubstep EP 58 Degrees from the man himself (and MMBlog favourite) Tigran Mimosa. Just click on the image here and it's yours. Or play it below:

58 Degrees by TigranMiMoSA

Plenty of the usual full on driving womp basslines overlain with cascading melodies and genuinely unique noises. Beautifully composed as usual with lots of originality. Clever dubstep, not just your usual womp-womp-womp. My favourite so far is Flourescent and Up In the Clouds - both lovely and glowing - like a musical HUG! The high end of 58 Degrees is a nice cascading synth line with good driving underlying womp. STAiRWAY is some heavy shnizzle... reminded me of NitGRit a bit bit. Block Party is heavy too with a more jungalistic bassline, but too hectic for me though, but can see it making a dance floor heave. Great EP all round, good variety and top kwality innit... and free!! FFS!