Sunday, 12 February 2012

MiHKAL - Sonic Seduction & Live & RE:CREATiON

LO Peachi ere again! Here's a link to another lovely wobbly deep downtempo dubstep mix from MiHKAL. Very much in the same vein as his amazingly beautiful Snuglife mix, previously on this blog here. This one is like a big bass blanket to wrap around you in these cold days of winter issintit! Some great tracks from Mimosa, Gladkill, Love & Light and a nice remix of an Emancipator track. Enjoy!

To get a free copy follow the buy link on the soundcloud listing above, which goes to their facewaste page and LIKE it and then scroll for it in the very first PLAY tracks box. Took me a while to find it, but there is some other stuff in there you might like too (and some stuff I can pretty much guarantee you wont ;-)

And almost more importantly here's another EPICALLY AWWGSUM MIX of a MiHKAL live set at RE:CREATiON- this is a beautiful mix full of lovely PHAT wobbling grinding and bumping bass resonating around with layers upon layers of lovely sounds to tantalise and titilate your taste buds! Starts pretty mellow but then heads a bit more up-tempo and then goes through the roof, but still all with a lovely undercurrent of wompy bass. MMmmmm tasty! Then it mellows out again and finishes with a beautiful track by Gladkill - just stunningly emotional! Great mix essentially! Pour this into your ears and all over YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW!!! Can't believe it's free!!! salsa impressionante!!

Tracklist - Sonic Seduction:
1. Gladkill - Let You
2. Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (MiM0SA Remix)
3. Marty Party - Just Because of You
4. ill-Esha - Pretty Banger
5. Love & Light - You're the Reason Why
6. Swordfight - We Will Never Know
7. ChrisB. - There And Back Again
8. PANTyRAiD - Beba Gettin' the Money (MiHKAL MASHUP)
9. Emancipator - First Snow (Ooah Remix)
10. Random Rab - Apparently
Much Gratitude to Syd Woodward & The Do Lab
Bookings Contact:
((( ∆ )))

TRACKLiST - LIVE & Re:Creation :
Emancipator - First Snow (Ooah Remix) - (1320 Records)
Simplex - Theia - (Soundcloud)
R/D - Your Misty Eyes Are M.I.N.E - (The Designed Disorder)
Deathstar - Seismic - (Soundcloud)
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps (Sugarpill's TehSlideBass Remix) - (SoundCloud)
ill-Esha - Cherry Blossoms - (True Score Theory)
Hanssen Ft. Chadwick - Rising sun (Splatinum Remix) - (Dubstep Records)
Pillow Fight - Hand on the Steel - (Prime Dub Records)
Minnesota - Push it - (Tycho Records)
Phetsta - Dance All Night - (Technique Recordings)
Stephan Jacobs & Love & Light - The One ft. Delvo - (Muti Music)
DCarls - Runaway - (Simplify Recordings)
Ben Samples - Drop Bombs (ChrisB Remix) - (Daly City Records)
Unlimited Gravity - THose Little THings - (Bandcamp)
Slim THugz - Fistful of Dollaz ft. Yound Joc - (Bandcamp)
Ghetto Sexuual - Planetary Two Step - (Abstract Logic Recordings)
ChrisB & David Block - In The Name of - (Simplify Recordings)
Sugarpill - Delirious - (Simplify Recordings)
Guttstar - Hot Mess - (Soundcloud)
Gladkill - Out of Your Comfort - (Made in Glitch)
...Much Gratitude to all the artists, and to my friends & family for all your love, support, reflection, creation and inspiration...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

DJ Peachimpy-Ra: Re-Radiance Bump&Bounce

LO Peachi ear: Just a quicky to post a new mix from your's truly. First time back after a while and, well the best thing I can say about the mixing is that there aren't many of them and they are over quickly! I am not pretending to be a great DJ, I just enjoy it. So getting over quickly leaves plenty of quality time for what is hopefully a nice selection of bumpy funky dub-steppy tracks. Nice and light and uplifting to listen to - well that's the aim; it cheers me up anyway! I hope it's infectious. The title is a dedication to a good friend of mine who I hope rebounds and finds her radiance again. She deserves it ;-)

If you like the second track as much as I do then check out Archnemesis' free albums here.
Particularly proud of getting JPods Hobo Style in there (and mixing it with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bob Marley..LOL! - no respect!)... but you escaped a really cheesy Pimpsoul remix of Ducksauce's Barbara Streisand - so count yourselves lucky ;-)

Mooqee, Beatvandals - Backup
Archnemesis - Hey Now
A Skillz - Got the Rhythm (feat. Beardyman)
Smoove, Turrell - I Can't Give You Up - A Skillz Remix
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Parker Remix)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge - Pimpsoul & Funk Hunters Commercial Drive Remix
JPod remix - Hobostyle
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up (JPod Remix)
Sub Focus - Rock It (J-Roc It Edit)


Thursday, 2 February 2012

UK Glitch Hop January round-up

2012 has kicked off to a strong start for UK Glitch. Here's what I've gorged myself on this month

The Tunes 
Mouldy Soul's released yet another kwality EP, this time through BroKen Records

The man with the stagnant spirit has also reworked Hedflux and Neurodriver's psy breaks banger Energy Vibration into an off-kilter mechanical squelch-fest for the Broken Robot remix competition.

The last I heard from KURSA was dubstep tune that showed a lot of potential but was a bit too jump up. Further investigation reveals that the man actually has more funk than that. Bonnibelle is a badass mid-tempo lazer bass blaster to be released very soon through those purveyors of quality free music from the psychedelic underground, Wonkay Records. Grab the Hackney test track below, while you wait.

Hiding away down in deepest darkest Brizzzzol have been The Beat Dweebs, who profess to making music that makes you go 'Uuuuuhhh...' S'gotta hella lotta funk. Works for me.

Pistol Shrimp's got an EP coming out on Prime DUB and it's all about this track. It's like Bobby Tank having a bubble bath with Koan Sound. Love it.

Following hot on the heels of Mouldy Soul's Shimi Sonic remix last month, Dephicit's previewed this nice little number out soon on Riddim Fruit:

Another nice release from Brighton's Donky Pitch, this time in the shape of man like Boss Kite

On the even more off-kilter Brainfeeder style side of things, Illum Sphere from Manchester gets airtime from a lot of Low End Theory residents. This went up on his Soundcloud just before the New Year, with a release expected soon

New one for me this month, downtempo glitch schizznit from Drowzy Beats in Brighton. This is exactly what you need to put on after a hectic day at work. Kick back and enjoy!

And lastly some guy called Rat posted this to the UK Glitch Hop Facebook page, which sounds kinda nice.

The mixtapes 
My find for the month has been Jae Nimbus. I went to Elixir of Life  for NYE, but had enough if the party after Slackbaba and Shpongle. I wished I stayed becuase two days later Nimbus posted this mix onto UK Glitch Hop. Mostly self produced tunes, it bodes very well for his first release through Broken Records. Keep an eye out for him playing in Brighton and further afield. Even better, book him to play your party!

Automaton's uploaded this DJ set from Beta Birmingham's Anty Riot Squad album launch party on 22nd December 2011 @ The End, Birmingham. Got lots of big classic tunes in there along with some heavy fresh ones.

Track Listing:
1. Mouldy Soul - Whine and Shine [Colony]
2. Pretty Lights - Still Night [Pretty Lights Music]
3. Prefuse 73 - Choking You [Warp]
4. Mimosa - Another Day [Beatport]
5. Sedge Warbler - Octopus Lover [Skanky Panky]
6. Modeselektor - Dark Side Of The Sun (feat. Puppetmastaz) [Bpitch Control]
7. eDIT - Artsy (feat. The Grouch) [Alpha Pup]
8. Figgy - Dr Gonzo [Soundcloud]
9. Bassnectar - The Sound [Amorphous]
10. Dj Shadow - Walkie Talkie (Spanky Panky Allstars Mix) [Skanky Panky]
11. Tipper - Covered In Lobsters [Tippermusic]
12. Koan Sound - Max Out [Screwloose]
13. Enya - Boadicea (Vespers Remix) [Vespers]

For fans of mid-tempo and variety, you can't do much better than Orangudan's Kneee Deep in Glitch. It's a brilliantly mixed journey through glitch funk, techno, hip hop and breaks. Beware the monkeys.

Pink Lady - Feed Me
Feeding Time - Mouldy Soul
Talking Smack - K+Lab
Come N Get It - J.Me.J
Tom Cosm - Bubble Butt - Tom Cosm
Gameboy - Mr. Bill vs Black Samurai
Night Of The Living Kebab - Messy Mass & Baba Gnohm
Assbref - Skeetaz
Majoram - Mr. Bill
Talk Box (Original Mix) - KOAN Sound
Android Porn - Kraddy
Ahi Haka (Original Mix) - K+Lab
Cyber Dojo Lazer Training - Zen Death Squad
Blackjack - Samples
Falling Into The Mine - Mad Zach
Glitch Villain - Mad Zach
Simmer Gently - Blunt Instrument
Skurry - Skeetaz
Mashington - Mad Zach & R2 The Specialist
What If Jimi Was A Monster - Mouldy Soul
Covered In Lobsters - Tipper

Agent Smith cut his teeth playing funky breaks and has the turntable scratch skills to boot. He's now applied his skills to the world of funky mid-tempo glitch with some extremely ear pleasing results. More like this please!
Track list- Talk Box- Koan Sound
What if Jimmy is a monster- Moldy Soul
Creamy Taco- Opiou
Yippy cheese face- Moldy Soul
One Sure Curative- Slack Baba
The light we bring- Love and Light
Robo boty- Opiou
Global declaration- Omega
Freeze dried cellophane- Ali Berger
Busted Up- Staunch
Slappy cans- Opiou and Mollusk
How we do- J Pod
Lunatics- Vent
Rae! Good thymes- Opiou
Social know how- JFB

More psychedelic leaning wobble from Rama Oood. I'm glad to see the downtempo rooms at psy parties are continuing to be the havens of glitchy squelch that they always should be. Just need to get rid of that other room now.

If all that wasn't enough, here's one last set from Dj Prokogy who's been in touch via Soundcloud. Keep up the good work in spreading that glitch love y'all!

The Fat Man