Saturday, 27 February 2010

InSpiral Lounge: Dreadzone Sound System, Ade Laugee and DJ Ade

Had a brilliant party at the InSpiral Lounge in Camden last Saturday night, as the final leg of Danielle's birthday weekend. When we arrived Ade Laugee (Planet Angel) was rocking the canalside cafe with funky goodtime breaks, the perfect warm-up for Dreadzone Sound System. He handed out this wicked little promo at the end.

Ade Laugee - Kumina EDM (YouSendIt link - valid until 27 March)

Dreadzone are one of my all time favourite bands and every time I see them turns out to be a special occasion. Greg Dread and MC Spee were on fine form as always, and had the whole of the tiny cafe bouncing to the ceiling with dubwise energy. It was so frantic that condensation was forming on the ceiling of the tiny cafe and dripping down onto the decks.

 I always forget how much fun Dreadzone are, and found myself dancing more than I have in ages. They finished with a new tune in an east end gansta ska style, from their new album Eye on the Horizon which is coming out on 24 April supported by a full live tourGreg Dread told me after that on the DJ front he's been playing a lot of electro and dubstep lately - sounds like something I'd like to hear!

Dreadzone Sound System Live at Glade 2008 (click on Dreadzone DJ Downloads)
Tour dates for Eye on the Horizon
Greg's Dread's best tunes from the noughties

Up after Dreadzone was my mate Ade (Om Bongo), invited to play one of his epic progressive techno sets. He really kept the engergy in the room going, despite the change in style and by the time I left was blasting out Dirty Loud to a busy room. I posted this wicked mix from Ade in December and he's just released a new mix, Revenge of the Techno Hippies on Soundcloud!

      Ade - Revenge of the Techno Hippies  by  4d3

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Jungo Road: Undecided, Raydeus, Fort Knox Five and Robosapiens

What with all the flat hunting, working and partying lately, I haven't found much time to blog. I do now have an iPhone though, so that might all change! Here's the first attempt:

One of the things that's been keeping me going through January is the brilliant Jungo Road podcast. These boys, Chad North and Dale Purrough, now joined by Raydeus, select the finest fidget, glitch, tech funk, breaks and techno from both sides of the pond and deliver it straight to your mp3 player. You can't ask for more than that really...

Here's a few of my favourites from the end of last year:

Undecided (Sacramento) 26 October 2009

Fort Knox Five (DC) 7 Dec 2009

Raydeus (SF) 15 Dec 2009

Robosapiens (UK) 8 Feb 2010

Raydeus at Decompression 2009 - Photo by Deven Sezgen

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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Breakz R Boss Records: Mr. Bassline Junk-E

My mate Len's recently come back over from Canada for a short stay in the UK. He went out there to follow a girl who promptly dumped him... what a bitch! He's still enjoying life in Calgary though....

Something slightly more positive to come out of Canada lately is this free web EP from a new label, Breakz R Boss Records. The original contains a sample from the 1974 hit single "Dreamer " by Supertramp's, which to be honest I find pretty pretty annoying, but the underlying tunes are phat. I particularly recommend Proton and Grateful's funky electro breaks remix, which doesn't have the awful singing on it. They're apparently from Russia, which I'd never known before for it's breaks music, so I'll be looking those two up now for sure!

Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer + Remixes (BRB-P01) 2010 (Rick click save as)
FREE WEB E.P. from Breakz R Boss Records


Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Original)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Dave Dialect Dubstep Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Proton & Grateful Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Toy Quantize Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (N.Filtr8 Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Dj Chaos Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Jprime Remix)

Annoying twats get dubstep makeover:

BREAKZ R BOSS RECORDS is a New Digital Label from Western Canada, owned and operated by Bass Charger and the Breakz R Boss Crew. Their 1st release will be out in February 2010 which is a Dj Somsay original with Remixes by Breakz R Boss artist Dreamthief & Mr. Bassline Junk-E. This should be followed by Tech, Tearout, Funky, & Electro Breakz, Bassline, Fidget & Electro 4x4 styles, DubStep & DNB.

Sounds like my kinda label - good luck to ya boys!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Invisible Circus: St Valentine's Day Massaquerade (Bristol, UK)

If you're in the UK and jealous of Lucent L'amour in LA, check out the Invisible Circus St Valentine's Day Massaquerade in Bristol this weekend - there may still be tickets left for the Sunday! It's less glitch hop and more swing/balkan/d'n'b/1930s hip-hop, which is also good! Again I am jealous of all who are going....

These videos should give a flavour of what to expect. They're from the Carny-Ville party that took place at The Island in Bristol each Autumn for the last few years. Depending on which night they were shot, you might just catch D-ra or me fire spinning in them. You can also see the legendary Troy Diamond on his roller skates.

The Do Lab presents: Lucent L’amour (LA)

Shilo from DANCEFEVER5000 recently sent me this info about Lucent L’amour, a Valentine's Day music and art festival on February 13 at the Shrine Expo Hall in downtown LA. It looks sick so I've offered to post here since so many hits seem to come from stateside and I'm jealous...

Here is the quick rundown:
* 100+ artists, musicians, performers and art installations
* Two stages of music and dancing with live and electronic acts
* Live mural and digital painting, art gallery and silent auction
* Romantic, colorful and whimsical décor all throughout venue
* Aerialists, acrobats, burlesque dancers and other live performers
* Unique arts and crafts vendors, full bars & delicious food
* Downtown LA location in historic venue, plenty of parking
* 7PM-4AM, 18+ event, VIP passes available presale

MUSIC: The festival is presented by The Do LaB, one of the premier Burner tribes in Los Angeles, known for throwing fat parties with eclectic lineups and colossal bass. This year’s Lucent L’amour festival has two stages and a keen selection of beautiful beats on the lineup. Both big names and critically acclaimed artists will provide a rousing night of fresh beats for the crowd: Bassnectar, N.A.S.A, Stanton Warriors, Yard Dogs Road Show, Lucent Dossier Experience, Beats Antique, Lazer Sword, Lynx & Janover and Patricio.

ART: Visual arts go hand in hand with music at Lucent L’amour, and you will find a stimulating feast for your eyes all throughout the festival. In addition to a huge art gallery curated by Mike Russek and Deborah Vogt featuring the work of dozens and dozens of artists, we will have a live mural painting by The Mac and Retna as well as a silent art auction, with proceeds going towards the purchase of music and art supplies for under-funded schools. Capping it off is the avant-garde electroart of Andrew Jones, whose inspired creations resonate with the West Coast electronic music community like beats rolling out of a bass bin.

SELF-EXPRESSION: Lucent L’amour promises to create a collision of music, art and creative self-expression. The festival is not a series of performances or a show, but rather an interactive art event where everyone becomes part of the experience, immersed together in one fantastic night of revelry. Come as you are, or deck yourself out in colorful and romantic attire: petticoats, corsets, zoot suits, ruffled parasols, purple polka dot knickers, feathered top hats, green corduroys, striped stockings, and sequined boots- or all of the above.

ROMANCE & MORE: In addition to the music and visual art offerings, Lucent L’amour will dish out a sexy serving of playful décor from the fun to the freaky, captivating theatrical performances, unusual craft vendors, hot munchies and full bar service for those 21+ (event is 18+). VIP passes and tickets are available here, and check the Lucent L’amour website for more videos, photos, music from our featured artists and weekly ticket giveaways.