Saturday, 21 August 2010

Heyoka "Cosmic Boogie Promo Mix" - & Tigran Mimosa generally

Peachi here: Well on my quest to find more Tigran Mimosa style Whomp Whomp Glitch Warp, I found this delightful little ditty 'promo mix' from Heyoka to promote his "Cosmic Boogie" Album which you can buy here. But for free you can download his promo mix here or listen below.

Heyoka Cosmic Boogie Promo Mix by Muti Music

Another really nice heavy mix is here - but alas no free download.

Heyoka - idm, dnb, glitch hop, halfstep mix 2010 by Heyoka

You can also find his own stuff on soundcloud here. I like his Shlomsky track too which you can listen to here and buy by following the links. And here is his myspace page.

I also recommend having a listen to the Muti Music page linked here and above (muti is South African slang for medecine).

Heyoka is also known as Andrei Olenev and he harks from San Fran. I really liked this comment on one of his tracks on soundcloud:

"Having listened to a lot of Andrei's choonz, it seems like that's all he's got: big guns and bigger guns. Except that they shoot funk instead of bullets. Guns of massive interstellar electroshamanistic metafunk. Yeah, that."

- yeah, electroshamanistic metafunk guns - thats it ;)


So back to Tigran Mimosa and still probably my favourite mix at the moment is his "False Idol" mix available here for download and its already been on this MM blog here. This mix has really grown on me and its constantly running around my head these days. Been listening to the individual noises and really appreciating how complex and layered this music is. Some really original and fun noises in there.... listen to it without doing anything else! trust me ;)

So "False Idol" is about as close as I come to imagining the sound track to some rightous epic space battle/ opera. Which reminds me of the eloquent words of the mighty fine DJ Hedflux:

"Doesn’t good electronic music just make you feel super-fuckin-cool and futuristic? To me it feels like a window into the future. When I’m havin’ it on the dancefloor I feel like I am marching into the future with joyous determination."

- YEAH! with electroshamanistic metafunk guns - thats it ;)
I love the phrase "joyous determination" BTW.... full on power-Ra phrase... at your most euphoric and optimistic on the dance floor you can take on the world with power surging up from the ground all around your body (like a bass inspired Popeye - this actually happened to me at Nowhere Festival early sunday morning listening to this style of music RAAAA!) ;)))))))

Ahem....Anyway, confusingly this downloads as "2010-Remote Viewing..", so don't loose it in your pooter folder like I did for a while.

There is also a very nice free mini-mix here and below and you can find a few other free tracks. These are easy to get on his facebook page here and on his blog:

CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX by TigranMiMoSA

Enjoy and watch out for more Whomp Glitch Ting coming your way in the future (slightly addicted it seems)... Wonkey? pah! its all about the Whomp baby ;)

P.S. Anyone know what IDM means?....JFGI? its Ok I dunnit... but still don't know what it iz?!?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Slugabed: Drop a Donky On It

I first came across Slugabed through a review of his Ultra Heat Treated EP on Doktor Krank's epicly prolific bass blog. If you haven't heard it yet, at least get Skyfire - it's an epic slab of off kilter future-hop, with arcade game pings and blips morphing in and out of the most addictive melody, fading between bass runs and floaty pauses. Overall I'd probably describe his sound as somewhere between Joker and Flying Lotus.

More recently the learned Doktor has flagged up this dope mixtape he's done for Brighton night Donky Pitch. It's properly sick, with remixes of La Roux, Wu Tang Clan and what sound like Erykah Badu and Bjork and tracks skewed somewhere between filth and the sublime. I've been addicted for well over a week now. Enjoy!

  Slugabed - Put A Donky On It Mix by Donky Pitch

If you like that, Slugabed and the Donky Pitch crew are taking over Cafe 1001 just off Brick Lane in London this Saturday. Due to the usual twists of universal irony that flow through my life I'm due to be down in Brighton though. Oh well...

You can read more about Greg Slugabed in this recent Quietus interview. Apparently he's now moved to Kingston for some bizarre reason... will have to track him down sometime as that makes us practically neighbours and I've never heard anyone else playing music this good anywhere near here.

Phew! Managed the whole post without describing his music as wonky.... oh shit...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

DJ Mag Top 100 DJ's - Morbjit's vote

The DJ mag top 100 DJ's are always gash. That's why this year I've actually voted. Weighed heavily by who I've actually seen the most of (Mary and Ade) mixed with the three that I've enjoyed the best mixtapes from and have been consistently producing the best tunes. So, they are....

  1. MaryMissFairy
  2. Mimosa
  3. Bassnectar
  4. Fort Knox Five
  5. Ade

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Glitch Mob: Drink the Sea and Remix It Like You Stole It


So upfront, I have a confession to make. A few months on and I'm actually slightly disappointed by the Glitch Mob's debut 'Drink the Sea'. This is not too say that's it's bad. In fact if you're only going to read this part of this review, buy the album, it's well worth it! As stand alone tracks they're beautifully produced and there's plenty of those sharp hooks, tonk beats and enough bounce to get your arms swinging like you're really throwin' it down (see We Swarm below).

  We Swarm - DRINK THE SEA - Out Now by The Glitch Mob 

So what's my gripe? Well maybe I've kinda built it up to much in anticipation - eDit and Oaah have long been two of my favourite whomp and glitch-hop producers and I've always liked what I've heard from Boreta.

Drink the Sea certainly solidifies the Glitch Mob's sound, but for me the downside is that too many of the tracks sound a bit too similar and use many of the same tricks as the epic remixes with which they made their name. While this means that the album holds together in terms of cohesive sound, I get the same emotion from every track. They're occasionally a bit slow and overly epic (rock drums, Gfunk synths and guitars), without enough of those really poppin beats, glitches and deep whomp that make the individual artist's work so godamn addictive. This may be partly explained due to a slight void in the heavy crunk department, left by the departure of Kraddy not long before release, or a desire for album to be realised by a live band, as Lowri points out in this review.


Anyway, one way to get me really excited about an album again is to put out a bunch of sick remixes (see Freestylers' Raw a Fuck, Deekline and Wizard's last effort and Freeland's Cope).

Eskmo's chop up of Fistful of Silence is a case in point:

The Glitch Mob - Fistful of Silence (ESKMO Remix) - Right Click for free download

Full props to The Glitch Mob boys for putting the next one out to tender with an open invite to remix another of the stand out tracks, Drive It Like You Stole It. The prizes are many, the deadline is 20 August, all stems are available up on the site and there's already some sick entries. So let's see some of you bass heads steal this mix and put some proper breaking crunk funk in it!

For non-producers you can grab a lot of this tasty shit for free. Having had a listen to a few I'd recommend Mirko-Kosmos (sick!), Matty B (different), Technobears' Redux and the self explanatory Funkadhesive Remix.

Remix It Like You Stole It Competion - The Glitch Mob

Monday, 2 August 2010

Celestial Crunk Goddesses: Lotus Drops & Profresher

Chris here back on the blog for the first time in ages. Got a couple of stateside dubstep / crunk gems for ya!

The first is a mixtape by bay area DJ, Lotus Drops. Can't remember how I found it, but I've been digging her Celestial Whomp Goddess Transmission all summer. It's a sweet mix of classic eastern-tinged dubstep tunes by UK producers with more whompy US productions. Keeps a good pace throughout with some suitably epic swoops and drops. The only thing missing is a tracklisting. She's another DJ, like my mate Ade, that play sick sets but can't name half the tunes in them... maybe there's something in that! Anyone who wants to work the tracklisting out though, do give me a shout...

  The Celestial Goddess Womp Transmission by Lotus Drops

While listening to the Celestial Whomp Transmision on Soundcloud just now I found someone else asking for the same tracklisting. I don't know what made me click through, but I'm glad I did. It turns out that she's Billy Blacklight aka. Profresher (above) from Minneapolis, MN who gives very little away through her online profile, but posts some extremely sick downtempo whomp, psy crunk and dubstep tunes to her Soundcloud. I've posted a couple of the tastiest gems below. Look forward to hearing more from her!

  Think About Me by Profresher

  Eternity by Profresher