Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank fuck for Psyreviews: Bluetech and Kilowatts EPs

Thank fuck for Psyreviews!

Unprotected by his dry wit and good taste, since Damion left an RIP message on the site over a year ago I actually lost my will to wade through the plethora of psytrance inanity to reach those golden nuggets of psychedelic funkiness. In fact, the quest for fresh sound even led me to start this blog. Now though, Psyreviews is back with plans for the future! (and he's on Twitter)

As anyone who reads the site knows, Psyreviews has never been just about the psytrance, so I'm pleased that Damion has continued to highlight the lush downtempo gems and deep progressive trance that always had me coming back for more.

In particular I appreciate being led to these two absolutely lush EPs from Evan Bluetech and Kilowatts, both US producers that helped me get into a glitch-ier downtempo sound. The EPs mark a progression in both their styles since I last picked up their releases around 2007/2008; Bluetech with bigger beats and bass and Kilowatts just taking it deeper with plenty of wobbly, floaty layers. Read Damion's reviews below for the full lowdown.

Psyreviews: Evan Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP

Evan Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP (link to free download from artist website)

Psyreviews: KiloWatts - Six Silicates EP

KiloWatts - Six Silicates EP (link to free download from artist website)

As for the future, in early 2010 Damion will be outsourcing reviews and re-jigging the site as more of a collaborative blog (like Let's hope the new contributors keep up that same quality of tongue in cheek shit sifting that we've got used to.

NB. Psyreviews is a free resource but you're welcome to donate. Likewise Bluetech and Kilowatts have put these EPs up for free, but I can tell you now they're well worth paying for (especially the Kilowatts). Have a listen and go hunt down some of their other releases - they're just as good!

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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Xmas in Oz: NAPT and Elite Force on Triple J

So while we're looking out the window stuffing ourselves with leftover turkey and getting ready for New Year, a dream team of UK producers are going to be rocking it down-under. Just checkout the lineup above.

The Aussies have great taste in dance music and to celebrate the occasion Australia's Triple J radio have comissioned exclusve mixes from NAPT and Elite Force. Both acts have been responsible for some of my favourite tracks this year and will be well worth keeping an eye out for in 2010!

NAPT Triple J Promo Mix by NAPT on Soundcloud
NAPT - Triple J Promo - December 2009 (Right click save as)

1. Mica Paris "Take It Back", NAPT Remix (Wrapt Up CDR)
--> Major Lazer "Pon De Floor", Peo De Pitte Remix (CDR)
--> Count & Sinden "Mega" (Domino/Fool's Gold)
2. Baymont Bross ft MC GI "DNA" (CDR)
3. Plump DJ's "Electric Disco", D.Ramirez Remix (Fingerlickin' Records)
--> Plump DJ's "Electric Disco" (Fingerlickin' Records)
--> Drumattic Twins "Feelin' Kinda Strange" (Fingerlickin' Records)
4. Calverton vs Banga "Whoop", NAPT Remix (Destination?)
5. NAPT "Fortune", 12 Inch Dub Mix (Funkatech Records)
6. The Nextmen ft Andy Cato & Ms Dynamite "Lion's Den", Beat Assassins Remix (CDR)
7. Peo De Pitte/Plump DJ's/Jack Beats "What Cow Baby" (CDR)
8. NAPT "Time You Realised" (Funkatech Records)
9. Plaza De Funk & Miss Trouble "Push And Pull" (MOFO Records)
10. NAPT "N-Funk" (Funkatech Records)
11. L-Vis1990 "United Groove", MJ Cole Remix (Mad Decent)
12. NAPT "Narcotics" (Funkatech Records CDR)
13. John Daahlback "Pyramid", Baymont Bross Remix (CDR)
14. Sub Focus "Rock It" (RAM Records)
15. NAPT "Heart Of Stone" (Funkatech Records)
--> Nightwriters "Let the Music Use You" (Danceteria Records)
16. Traffic "Cut Your Teeth", Phonat Dub (Global Underground)
18. Beat Assassins "London Look" (MOFO Records)
19. Flore ft Shunda K & Flyy Git "Feel Me" (Botchit)
20. MJ Cole "Volcano Riddim" (Prolific Recordings)
21. Deekline & Wizard ft Yolanda "Angels", NAPT Remix (Against The Grain)
22. Baymont Bross "When The Bass Hits" (CDR)
23. Brookes Brothers "Tear You Down", NAPT edit (Breakbeat Kaos)
24. Beat Assassins "Put Em Up", NAPT Remix (MOFO Records)
25. Pyramid vs Specimen A "No Games" (Funkatech Records)
26. NAPT "F**k Critics" (Funkatech Records CDR)
27. Baymont Bross "Wine Up Ya Waist", NAPT Remix (MOFO Records)
28. NAPT ft Louise Marshall "Make MY Day" (Funkatech Records)

Elite Force - Triple J Mix December 2009 (Rapidshare link)

01 Intro - Lovefest [CDR]
02 Cirez D - On/Off [Mouseville]
03 The Loops of Fury - SOAP (original) [U&A Recordings]
04 The Loops of Fury - SOAP (Peo de Pitte Mix) [U&A Recordings]
05 Elite Force - The Law of Life [U&A Recordings]
06 TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Vs Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
07 Benga - 26 Basslines (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
08 Max Morrell - Back Yard Riddim [Cheaper Thrills]
09 Zodiac Cartel - Stay On Top [U&A Recordings]
10 Tim Healey & Felguk - Rio [Giant Pussy Records]
11 Dashka - Klez (Matteo DiMarr Mix) [MAR186]
12 Monolythe - Siberia (JELO Mix) [Big Alliance]
13 Deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Elite Force Re-Fix) [CDR]
14 Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok [Phantasy Sound]
15 Elite Force, Daniel Papini, Harnessnoise - Harness The Nonsense [U&A Recordings]
16 Elite Force, Calvertron - Reclaim Control [U&A Recordings]

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Friday, 11 December 2009

Ade: Proggy techno from G-town

You know how with some people you just really click in terms of musical taste? Like you haven't seem them for ages, and when you do, they've been digging all the same tunes you have? For me Ade's one of those people. Whether he's spinning chunky psy breaks or proggy techno, managing the Wobbly Squadron or running the Dance Tent and Ents24 stage at Guilfest, his taste is always impeccable.

I've been bugging Ade for a mix for ages. He finally gave me one in October, but I said I wasn't going to put it up unless he gave me a tracklisting... unlike our mate Dan (Agent Smith) who disappeared off around the world leaving me with an awesome mix but no names. Ade's in India for Christmas now, which means I've lost, so I'm putting the mix up anyway 'cos its sweet as a nut.

Ade - Proggy-techy mix 10-2009 by doofdoofdoof

There's loads of Tribal Vision tunes on there and proabably some Iboga. For anything more accurate I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait till Ade gets back!

*NB. This isn't the same DJ Ade who spins UK garage around Kent, Essex and London, just in case you were wondering *

Monday, 7 December 2009

Euro-burners: London Decompression 2009

Having experienced Burning Man vicariously this year, through my girl D and our other friends that went out, on Saturday I joined them at the London Decompression party – a re-union for UK based burners to reconnect and reminisce over the seven days at Black Rock City, run by a group of playa vetrans Euro-burners .

Like Burning Man itself, it’s all about participation - all the performers, DJs and crew are volunteers who have bought tickets - so ahead of the event I sent a dubstep and glitch-hop demo over to Justin aka VJ Meno who was curating the sound and visuals for the night. I didn't expect to be selected, so it was a nice surprise when I checked my emails on Thursday to find out I was on first... followed by a mild panic.

The plan was to bring some of that West Coast, playa dust coated, bass flavour to East London and warm up the room with some heavy dubstep, reggae and glitch-hop. In the end my set got cut short due to a late start, but you can listen to it here in it's entirety:

Decompression Glitch-Hop by Morbgit


Edit - Ants
Freeland - Do You (Pantyraid rmx)
Don G - Mrs U (Zeno Goddess Rmx)
Liondub ft. Jah Dan & Sotto Bless - Heartbroken
Spystep - Portomental
Eskmo - San Francisco (The Rhythm)
Larytta - You Got Nothing (Lazer Sword Rmx)
Ooah - Tuesday Again
Good Buddha - Part Preserve (Tipper rmx)
Vibesquad - Snagglespuss
Knowa Knowonet feat. Seasunz, Firewater, Wiseproof & New Eon - Free Energy
Subvert - Size Matters
Alborosie - Kingston Town
X-Clan feat. Damian Marley - Culture United
Oaah - Heat up the night
Defcon - Knock Knock
Beats Antique - Roustabout (Bassnectar rmx)
Me & You - Last Night (Bassnectar rmx)
ediT - The Game Is Not Over
Matty G - West Coast Rocks (The Glitch Mob rmx)
Nalepa - Monday (The Glitch Mob rmx)

Also playing on the night was Jurassik (Ben Child - above) who runs London breaks night and record label Supatronix and the awesome resource that is He was really enjoying himself, pumping the dancefloor with funky party breaks and, when we met later on, he turned out to be a really nice guy as well. You can check out the mix below and have a listen to his own tunes on Soundloud.

Jurassik’s Deep as the Thames Boat Party Mix


Si Begg – The Bleeps [Unique 3 mix] (Mutate Records)
Shut Up and Dance – Cream (Shut Up and Dance)
Refracture – Energy Flow (Noobish Records)
Breakzhead – Goin’ On [Jurassik mix] (Dusted Breaks)
The Prodigy – Warriors’ Dance [Future Funk Squad's Rave Soldier mix] (Take Me to the Hospital)
Flack.Su – T-Break [Aeron Aether remix] (Glack Audio)
Robosapiens – Infected [LuQas mix] (Dead Famous)
Digital Bass – White Lines [Robosapiens mix] (Dead Famous)
Rennie Pilgrem – Rich Rule Us [BSD remix] (TCR)
Future Funk Squad ft Mojo – Blow (En:Vision)
BSD – Intoxicated (iBreaks)
Jurassik – How to Pick Up Chicks (Supatronix)
9BO – Antilightbulb (Glack Audio)

Toby Lyons was up after Ben. A bit of a wizard at the controls, he was mashing up some bad boy electro and breaks before pulling out into party style d’n’b, much to the joy of the crowd. Have a look at Toby's Myspace for mini-mixes.

I've reviewed the whole night for - you can read the full write up here. Much love to my surrogate burning crew (below - me looking like a twat in the middle)!

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