Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Morbidly Obese Midget: Mega Meal Deal

I've been spending more time actually mixing and playing myself lately. The result is this collection of Morbidly Obese Midget mixtapes bundled together here for your listening pleasure. A late festive pressie for your ears! Thanks to Peachi for keeping Musical Mana going over the last few months with a fat selection of mixtapes while I've been otherwise distracted...

London Spinners Party Mix by Morbidly Obese Midget

This is a condensed version of a set I played at the Spinning@ London Jugglers Christmas Party, recorded the following week at the Synergy Spinners Solstice Party. I get a lot of my practice playing for spinners, twirlers and jugglers who are a great audience because if they like what you're playing they'll play harder to it and the floor will become a frenzy of activity, even if there's only five people in the room anyway. The set moves from bass loaded breaks into more straight 4/4 driving electro. The electro almost always gets people moving more, but the breaks is a nice warm up.

Tittsworth - WTF (Deekline and Ed Solo Remix)
The Fort Knox Five - Shift (Deekline and Dustin Hulton Remix)
Sporty-O - International Wingman (DJ Fixx And ILL DJ Chris B Original Mix)
Slyde - Move ya Body
Beat Assasins - Put Em Up (NAPT remix)
Nick Thayer - Let it Go (Cutline remix)
Neurodriver and Atomic Drop - What You Gonna Do?
Far Too Loud - We Want to Dance
Dirty Loud - What U Think
Neelix - Disco Decay (Felguk remix)
Tegma - David's Song
Perfect Stranger - Stardust (Felguk remix)

  Morbidly Obese Midget - Droppin bombs on ya glitch - Nov 2010 by Morbidly Obese Midget 

Bass bombs straight outta tha suburban jungle! I've been trying to nail a good glitch-hop mix for a while - getting the right balance between bass, glitch and bounce. Drawing from a whole bunch of tunes I've been enjoying over the last few years this comes pretty close to the sound I've been aiming for, keeping the tempo up, the bass whomping and the beats popping. While it gets my head bobbing and my body swaying, I'm not sure it translates too well to the dancefloor, but I'm hoping the Opiuo's more bouncy sound is going to open a whole new range of mid-tempo breaks and glitch-hop next year that will do just that!

Mimosa - Pandora's Box
SubverT - Speaker Humpin' (Knight Riderz Remix)
Blunt Instrument - Battle Toad
Nasty Ways - The Good The Bad The Squishy
DJ Vadim - Maximum feat La Methode (Bassnectar & ill.gates remix)
Opiuo - King Prawn
ill.gates & Filastine - Pharma Sutra
SubverT - Curbstomper
Glitchy & Scratchy - Midgets
edIT - Battling Go-Go Yubari in Downtown L.A.

This one's a downtempo dubstep mix. It's an attempt to find the blurred lines between Bristolian 'purple wow' sounds and West Coast whomp and dubstep influenced crunk. The mixing could be better but this was on the fly and I've not had the time to re-do. This is a streaming mix on soundcloud, but hopefully soon I'll find some time to re-work it for a Soundcloud DL.

Nastynasty - Priceless
Gemmy - 1987 Bounce
Guido - You Do It Right
Professor Green & Lilly Allen - Just Be Good To Green (Joker Vocal Remix)
Luniz Vs Joker - Kraddy's Next Level Mash Up
Joker - Tron
Nit Grit - Love Songs
Nastynasty Vs. Nit Grit - Say My Name
Mimosa - F.T.A.M.F.
Nit Grit - Grit Shifter
Mimosa - 140bpm On That Kriptonite (Point Of No Return Remix)
Pantyraid - Enter The Machine

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Katty Grooves - Bangers and Mash & Factorydelic

Peachi here - another short one, just to give you the link to this fairly feline "Funky Fidgety Filth" for your ears.... fablious! Nice heavy, bumpy and funky tracks all the way through I fink... enjoy! ;) [I like lovely alliteration a lot]

Bangers N Mash by Katty Grooves

I particularly like the drop at 26.50... drool!

Check out her soundcloud page for some udder stuff :

"Funky Monkey" is more psy trance and not really my ting, but you may like it... and of course its a great name ;)

"Factorydelic" (below) is a tiny bit older but is lovely and PHAT and aptly described as: "A dirty wander through a scummer's dream" . It certainly is scratchy-scratchy behind the ears tech funk - so download it NOW for aural pleasure! (its a WAV file for some reason so takes a while, but well worth it! ...or is it "Fuck-tory-delic" as it appears when you play it... much better name... ha ha ha ;)

FACTORYDELIC by Katty Grooves

Keep it up Katty Grooves.... loving your work dahhhling! ;)



Far too Loud - Bring Back Boogie
Olmec - Push It
Olmec - Aliens Love Underpants
Alex Mind - The Fart Track (!)
Perfect Cell - Straight Up Music (Darth Vader rmx)
Campbell - All Aboard (Jacksaw rmx)
Jho fm - Funk Bass Energy (Perfect Cell rmx)
Alex Mind - Omen to Mumbai


1. Far Too Loud - We Want to Dance
2.Bruno Barudi - Fucking Music

3. Alex Mind/ Electrixx - No Discussion
4. Dirty Loud- Disco Records
5. Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker

6. Aaren San - Apes from Space (Dirtyloud remix)
7. MOnk3ylogic - Where's the car? (Olmec remix)
8. Far too Loud - Banana Boy
9. Code Zero - Blackout (Kiwa rmx)
10. Hedflux - Music is my weapon (far too loud rmx)
11. Electrixx - Tetris

Its all about animals with earphones on innit! ;)

Monday, 6 December 2010

RaFlux Mix - by DJ Peachimpy-Ra

Peachi here - Hello all. Well this is just gonna be a short one to post up my first full power tech funk psy breaks mix. I'm still learning but progress is being made. Hope you like it ;) All constructive comments gratefully received!

RaFlux by Peachimpy-Ra

This is pretty much my ideal music to dance to and is mainly a series of my favourite PHAT beated tracks. A lot of them have quite serated and thick bass lines and are generally funky as f*ck IMHO!

Track Listing:

Rebels - Beens
Play it Loud - Far Too Loud (Broken Robot Mix)
Robofunk - Neurodriver
Basscake - Hedflux
Bass Association - Far Too Loud
What You Gonna Do - Neurodriver / Atomic Drop
Musik - The Beatpusherz
Disco Decay - Nelix (Felguk Remix)
Apes From Space - Aaren San (Dirty Loud Remix)
What U Think - Dirtyloud
Revolve - Hedflux
Disclaimer - Ed Solo and Skool of Thought

Big thanks to Dr.Hedflux for advance copy of Revolve. Looking forward to its release in 2011. Every time I hear the voice sample I just love the sentiment more and more... plus its a lovely deep and warm funky track... lovley ;)