Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Baobinga drops 7 fresh dub riddims

Manchester breaks bot Baobinbga has just dropped sample of seven new two-step dancehall fused riddims on his myspace:

Baobinga's set was one of my highlights of the Breakspoll afterparty this year. You can sample some recent mixes on Trash Menagerie:

A Duo of Baobinga Shorties on Trash Menagerie

Looking forward to his set with ID at Glade this year!

Breafastaz: Guest mix on Breakzlinkz

Breakfastaz have been a bit quite lately.. their Myspace page is looking a bit like it did last year! Anyway, new things may be rumbling in the bass boys jungle as they've turned up with a fresh April Promo Mix featured on Breakzlinkz. Let's hope so, their remix of Freestyler's 'Warrior Charge' is one of my favourite dancefloor tunes and if this mix is anything to go by they are well and truly back on form with some proper mash up genius...

Breakfastaz - April 2009 Promo Mix for Breakslinkz


1. Granite, Pendulum, Breakfastaz remix & Girls Money Drink & Drugs, Breakfastaz, Acapella
2. The Slammer, Freestylers, Affinity Remix
3. Die Tonight, Innerparty System, LA Riots Remix
4. Acting Wrong, Breakfastaz
5. Rip Groove, Double 99
6. Modern Age, Radioplastic, N.A.P.T Remix
7. 8Bits of Pie, Breakfastaz
8. Blow, Ivory, Affinity Remix
9. Invaders Must Die, The Prodigy & Show Me Love Acapella (!!!!!)
10. Rocket Soul, The Plump Dj's & M.I.A Creator
11. Shock, Stereotype
12. Omen, The Prodigy, Noisia Remix
13. Raven, Proxy
14. Skism, Back Off

Monday, 18 May 2009

Freeland: Do You Cope with badass remixes and new album on the way

I'm at risk of turning into a walking advert for Marine Parade.... the new Freeland single 'Do You', out today, has four incredible remixes on it by some of my favourite producers at the moment Joker, PANtYRAiD, Moonbootica and High Rankin. Listen to the full tracks on Discobelle who have also got their mitts on this new mixtape with tracks off the forthcoming album, Cope™ and a new Alex Metric tune. Sweeeet!

Adam Freeland went to Brighton and all we got was this lousy mix tape (Direct link)

Now & Them was a huuuge album for me when it came out in 2004(?). You can pre order Cope™, his first artist album in 6 years, from FreelandFM

How do you dance to dubstep?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Labyrinth: In the Woods

Second recomendation from Spiral Matt - deep atmospheric dubstep from the US by a guy called Labyrinth on Pangea Productions/Pure [Perception Records. Starts off very melodic and floaty while the bass progressively ramps up underneath. Very nice...

Labyrinth - In the Woods (Direct link)

1. breakage - callahan
2. ital tek - red sky
3. djunya - dream awake (cyrus rmx)
4. distance - out of mind
5. noah d - rise
6. rob sparx - the prayer (distance rmx)
7. ramadanman - blimey
8. synkro - hold on
9. miretz - king of kings
10. synkro - dub specialist
11. zomby - the lie
12. f - the untitled dub
13. subeena - circular
14. dot - chinawhite
15. headhunter - baseflow
16. antiserum - skull fucked
17. babylon system, noah d - examination of time
18. balkansky - united

Greg Hunter - Dubsahara

Not long after I saw him last, my mate Spiral Matt sent me some links to some good downtempo mixes. I subsequently lost them and now two months later I've had to ask him for them again. Turns out it was well worth it. The first was to the latest incarnation of one of the true greats of down tempo world music, Greg Hunter. Along with Simon Posford and Youth, Hunter was one third of the classic ambient dub project Dub Trees.

Hunter's latest project is dubsahara which he describes himself as 'mystical Persian loops' and does pretty much what it says on the tin. Perfect music to evoke dreams of those balmy summer nights that will be hopefully soothing us in the next few months!

This mix is pretty lush:

Greg Hunter - Telefunkn mp3 57mb (Direct Link)

From the website - - you can also download the last dubsahara LP (new one on the way this summer):

Metasurfing - Cloudshaped - LP

and Hunter's mix from the Inspiral Lounge at Glade last year:

dubsahara - Glade 2008 mix

Roll on the festivals!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mary Miss Fairy and the murder mystery

Had a sweet bank holiday weekend on a mate's farm in Wales. Barns, BBQ, soundsystem, woods, friends and camping... what more do you need? A pair of CD decks would've been handy but it didn't spoil the fun and we had many a wicked set to put on instead; including this epic techno / electro / breaks mix brought along by the lovely Mary Miss Fairy.

Mary Miss Fairy - Miss Scarlet in the Library with the lead pipe (direct link)

1)On the run - General Electrik (Dopamine dub)
2)Low and Down - Gustavo Assis
3)Dance baby - Urban monkeys (Dopamine remix)
4)Black out - Hostage
5)The people - Sebastian Leger
6)muzik - The Beatpusherz
7)Rubber man - Jud Sebastian ( Miles Dyson remix)
8) Viva la vida - Vino Gomiero (Gustavo Assis remix)
9) Les djins - Djuma soundsystem ( Miles dyson remix)

As far as I know no-one was actually murdered over the weekend. Just brain cells and good taste...