Friday, 17 April 2009

Ooah raiding your panties for Marine Parade

Been meaning to post this for some time... a pretty laid back Ooah mix which must be from around the time I must have first got hold of his lush bass heavy, floaty glitchyness...

You can download it here:

Ooah - Scientific Sound Surgery mp3 (Direct link - click and save)

More recently Ooah's got a wicked little side project on the go called PANTyRAiD. It's a bit more crunk/hip-hop but sounding pretty bad boy. I wanna get my hands on a few of these tunes:

PANTyRAiD's website with streaming audio

They're on Adam Freeland's label Marine Parade for whom the Glitch Mob (Ooah's crew) recently remixed a Evil9 track. Freeland himself has released his latest single for free here, if you sign up to the mailing list:

Sign up for Freeland single

1 comment:

  1. PANTyRAiD is the shhhhiiiiiizzzzniiittttt...and chicks love it

    also, you should check out MartyPartys page, Ooahs partner, he's the one who actually wrote all the beats for PR, Ooah just styled them out a bit.