Monday, 24 August 2009

Agent Smith: Psyfunkscratchbreaks

Whilst bouncing around by the Origin stage at Glade (see review below) I was made a very happy man when Dan aka. Agent Smith (above right) pressed a copy of his summer promo into my hands. Unfortunately the CD didn't survive the next three festivals in my bag, but at last I've got the mp3.

Why so happy? 'cos Agent Smith plays the funkiest badass breaks this side of London! The number of times I've been flagging at a party or after-party in London and found myself bouncing around at obscure times in the morning/afternoon to some upbeat choons pumping out the system... only to find it's Dan who has taken the reins. A lot of the time it's improv too!

Dan's receipe for breaks starts with plenty of funk, to which he adds a good portion of chunk, a sprinkling of scratch and an ample squeeze of psychedeliciousness. As this mix shows he certainly knows how to get your feet moving. If you like Far Too Loud you'll love it....

Agent Smith - Psyfunkscratchbreaks Summer 2009 (You Send It link)

Tracklisting to come when Dan gets his ass in gear *nudge nudge* ;)

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