Monday, 12 April 2010

Mimosa - False Idol MIx, & Mimosa and Sleepyhead - Sexytime Mix


So one place where Chris and I differ in our tastes (a bit) is Chris' addiction to Glitch Hop. While I like it, generally I can take it or leave it, although it has its moments and can be great at the right time... but hey that's what's good about hanging out and listening to other people's music on long drawn out chill out sessions where time drips slowly by.

However this mix False Idol by Tigran Mimosa posted on sound cloud (download here) in March 2010 is an exception. I absolutely love it and think its got a really powerful drive all the way through.

Here's what it says on his MySpace page:
Mimosa takes the listener on a space age psychedelic journey of bittersweet ecstasy. Only a two year veteren of the west coast sound movement, Mimosa is quickly making a name for himself as one of the top west coast exports. This young producer's energy while performing is magnetic; the word has spread fast and Mimosa has recently shared the stage with the likes Benga, Skream, Rusko, Datsik, Glitch Mob, ill.gates, Bassnectar and Flying Lotus, playing shows across the US and festivals like Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man and Decibel Festival. Fans know Mimosa as someone who brings a ‘good-time’ energy that is as fierce as it is friendly, taking them on journeys through urban chaos and ethereal euphoria.

Sexytime Mix
When Mimosa is collaborating with Sleepyhead they release as Sexytime and here is another mix you can download here from them at MK2 programme 38 (memekast)- which is less up my street (more broken up and vocals) but I think Chris likes it and was going to post it up before he got relegated to the dark ages with no intra-web connection. So I'm posting it instead. Enjoy!

Track List - False Idol:
1) MiM0SA - iN Search of Beauty
2) PantyRaid vs. MiM0SA - Chaos Control
3) MiM0SA - Days Go By (ReMiXx)
4) MartyParty vs. MiM0SA - The Perfect Flaw
5) MiM0SA - Looking Back
6) MiM0SA - California Rude Boy
7) MiM0SA - LSD Excursions
8) NastyNasty - Python Kiss (MiM0SA ReMiXxx)
9) MiM0SA - Money to Blow (ReMiXxx)
10) MiM0SA - Bamboo
11) MiM0SA - Ride The Snake

Track Listing -Sexytime Mix
  1. Fire - Sexytime
  2. Holla Like Whoa! - Sleepyhead
  3. Day & Night (Mimosa remix) - Kid Cudi
  4. Take You There (Sleepyhead thizzle refix) - Sean Kingston
  5. Club Steppin - Sexytime
  6. Freeway - Sexytime
  7. I'm A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) - R.Kelly
  8. Dirty Diamonds - Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella
  9. Superbad (Mimosa Remix) - Sofia Fresh
  10. Forgot About Dre. W/ Nelly Furtado (Mimosa Remix) - Dr.Dre