Saturday, 11 February 2012

DJ Peachimpy-Ra: Re-Radiance Bump&Bounce

LO Peachi ear: Just a quicky to post a new mix from your's truly. First time back after a while and, well the best thing I can say about the mixing is that there aren't many of them and they are over quickly! I am not pretending to be a great DJ, I just enjoy it. So getting over quickly leaves plenty of quality time for what is hopefully a nice selection of bumpy funky dub-steppy tracks. Nice and light and uplifting to listen to - well that's the aim; it cheers me up anyway! I hope it's infectious. The title is a dedication to a good friend of mine who I hope rebounds and finds her radiance again. She deserves it ;-)

If you like the second track as much as I do then check out Archnemesis' free albums here.
Particularly proud of getting JPods Hobo Style in there (and mixing it with Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Bob Marley..LOL! - no respect!)... but you escaped a really cheesy Pimpsoul remix of Ducksauce's Barbara Streisand - so count yourselves lucky ;-)

Mooqee, Beatvandals - Backup
Archnemesis - Hey Now
A Skillz - Got the Rhythm (feat. Beardyman)
Smoove, Turrell - I Can't Give You Up - A Skillz Remix
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Parker Remix)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under The Bridge - Pimpsoul & Funk Hunters Commercial Drive Remix
JPod remix - Hobostyle
Bob Marley - Get Up Stand Up (JPod Remix)
Sub Focus - Rock It (J-Roc It Edit)


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