Saturday, 12 September 2009

duballstar: lonesteppa mixtape

While my girl Danielle has been swanning around the desert at Black Rock City, enjoying pool parties in Reno and shopping down Haight Street, my aim has been to get a mix finished and up on the blog. In the little time I've had to actually DJ I've started about 4 or 5 new mixes. In the end neither the nu-disco, electro-rock, glitch hop or dub mixes made the cut.

Having just downloaded a few new tunes though, I've just knocked out a fairly percussive and bass heavy dubstep/IDM/glitch mix with less that 12hrs before she gets back. I think it does a fair job of catching my melancholy at missing my girl (and Burning Man!) and my joy at her return. The start could flow better, but I'm really happy with the middle section - tell me what you think!

duballstar - lonesteppa mixtape - september 2009 (link to zshare)


Diverseconcepts - Open Porse
Nosaj Thing - Caves
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now? (Joker Remix)
PANTyRAiD - Get The Money (Original Mix)
edIT - Ants
Modeselektor - Godspeed
Don Goliath - Mrs U (Zeno Goddess Remix)
Harp & RyzeNFall - Irie Wan (Bass Science Remix)
Iration Steppas - Rasta Dub
Liondub ft. Jah Dan & Sotto Bless - Heartbroken (original)
Skream - Sub Island
Martyn - Hear Me
Milanese - Caramel Cognac
Joker - Stuck in the System

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  1. Am downloading it now and will listen to it later. For starters I like the album cover very muchly ;)


  2. Very nice, really like the middle section with Ants and Godspeed. Could easily play in the evening in the background at a dinner party or at Brizzle at sunsat.... mmmm maybe I will one day ;)

    More Doublestaff Chris-Tall re-mixes please! ;)

  3. Yo Morbgit, there is a track missing on your listing just before edIT and after Pantyraid. What is it? Thats my other favourite on on there... would be good to find out what it is!

    Oh yeah your mix comes up as Glitchslowstep on winamp... thats where I got slow steppa from...close ;)
    Ta, P-BRa