Saturday, 5 September 2009

Glitch FM: I can't believe it's not dubstep!

First of all, need I say more?

Last night they dropped a 10 hr "Feeling left out of Burning Man?" live broadcast from Vancouver, Canada, featuring artists from their Friday night BWAMP Radio show. If you missed it, check out the links below for free mixtapes:

# TAAL MALA (Lighta!, SUB-OSC)
# Dj Global vs Bevy Swift (aka Glitchy & Scratchy)
# Self Evident (Lighta!, SUB-OSC):
# HxdB (BFG):
# Myles Away (IGU):
# Deekay (The Woods,urban ninja):

I recommend this mix by BWAMP Radio's Myles Away for starters:
The Auer 17 mix by myles away

If you're still not sure what 'glitch' is, this interview with the Glitch Mob goes a long way to explaining what's happening state-side at the moment. This is quite possibly one of the best artist interviews I've watched in a long time.. it completely sums up what's so exciting about the scene in the US right now. Oh bollox, I can't help it... I WANNA BE AT BURNING MAN! Whaaaaa.... *sob sob*

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