Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Thank fuck for Psyreviews: Bluetech and Kilowatts EPs

Thank fuck for Psyreviews!

Unprotected by his dry wit and good taste, since Damion left an RIP message on the site over a year ago I actually lost my will to wade through the plethora of psytrance inanity to reach those golden nuggets of psychedelic funkiness. In fact, the quest for fresh sound even led me to start this blog. Now though, Psyreviews is back with plans for the future! (and he's on Twitter)

As anyone who reads the site knows, Psyreviews has never been just about the psytrance, so I'm pleased that Damion has continued to highlight the lush downtempo gems and deep progressive trance that always had me coming back for more.

In particular I appreciate being led to these two absolutely lush EPs from Evan Bluetech and Kilowatts, both US producers that helped me get into a glitch-ier downtempo sound. The EPs mark a progression in both their styles since I last picked up their releases around 2007/2008; Bluetech with bigger beats and bass and Kilowatts just taking it deeper with plenty of wobbly, floaty layers. Read Damion's reviews below for the full lowdown.

Psyreviews: Evan Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP

Evan Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP (link to free download from artist website)

Psyreviews: KiloWatts - Six Silicates EP

KiloWatts - Six Silicates EP (link to free download from artist website)

As for the future, in early 2010 Damion will be outsourcing reviews and re-jigging the site as more of a collaborative blog (like Let's hope the new contributors keep up that same quality of tongue in cheek shit sifting that we've got used to.

NB. Psyreviews is a free resource but you're welcome to donate. Likewise Bluetech and Kilowatts have put these EPs up for free, but I can tell you now they're well worth paying for (especially the Kilowatts). Have a listen and go hunt down some of their other releases - they're just as good!

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