Friday, 11 December 2009

Ade: Proggy techno from G-town

You know how with some people you just really click in terms of musical taste? Like you haven't seem them for ages, and when you do, they've been digging all the same tunes you have? For me Ade's one of those people. Whether he's spinning chunky psy breaks or proggy techno, managing the Wobbly Squadron or running the Dance Tent and Ents24 stage at Guilfest, his taste is always impeccable.

I've been bugging Ade for a mix for ages. He finally gave me one in October, but I said I wasn't going to put it up unless he gave me a tracklisting... unlike our mate Dan (Agent Smith) who disappeared off around the world leaving me with an awesome mix but no names. Ade's in India for Christmas now, which means I've lost, so I'm putting the mix up anyway 'cos its sweet as a nut.

Ade - Proggy-techy mix 10-2009 by doofdoofdoof

There's loads of Tribal Vision tunes on there and proabably some Iboga. For anything more accurate I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait till Ade gets back!

*NB. This isn't the same DJ Ade who spins UK garage around Kent, Essex and London, just in case you were wondering *

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