Thursday, 11 February 2010

Invisible Circus: St Valentine's Day Massaquerade (Bristol, UK)

If you're in the UK and jealous of Lucent L'amour in LA, check out the Invisible Circus St Valentine's Day Massaquerade in Bristol this weekend - there may still be tickets left for the Sunday! It's less glitch hop and more swing/balkan/d'n'b/1930s hip-hop, which is also good! Again I am jealous of all who are going....

These videos should give a flavour of what to expect. They're from the Carny-Ville party that took place at The Island in Bristol each Autumn for the last few years. Depending on which night they were shot, you might just catch D-ra or me fire spinning in them. You can also see the legendary Troy Diamond on his roller skates.

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