Saturday, 13 February 2010

Breakz R Boss Records: Mr. Bassline Junk-E

My mate Len's recently come back over from Canada for a short stay in the UK. He went out there to follow a girl who promptly dumped him... what a bitch! He's still enjoying life in Calgary though....

Something slightly more positive to come out of Canada lately is this free web EP from a new label, Breakz R Boss Records. The original contains a sample from the 1974 hit single "Dreamer " by Supertramp's, which to be honest I find pretty pretty annoying, but the underlying tunes are phat. I particularly recommend Proton and Grateful's funky electro breaks remix, which doesn't have the awful singing on it. They're apparently from Russia, which I'd never known before for it's breaks music, so I'll be looking those two up now for sure!

Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer + Remixes (BRB-P01) 2010 (Rick click save as)
FREE WEB E.P. from Breakz R Boss Records


Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Original)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Dave Dialect Dubstep Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Proton & Grateful Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Toy Quantize Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (N.Filtr8 Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Dj Chaos Remix)
Mr. Bassline Junk-E - Dreamer (Jprime Remix)

Annoying twats get dubstep makeover:

BREAKZ R BOSS RECORDS is a New Digital Label from Western Canada, owned and operated by Bass Charger and the Breakz R Boss Crew. Their 1st release will be out in February 2010 which is a Dj Somsay original with Remixes by Breakz R Boss artist Dreamthief & Mr. Bassline Junk-E. This should be followed by Tech, Tearout, Funky, & Electro Breakz, Bassline, Fidget & Electro 4x4 styles, DubStep & DNB.

Sounds like my kinda label - good luck to ya boys!

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