Thursday, 20 May 2010

Radio Ra: Musical Mana Podcast - Fail #1


Inspired by our posts on this blog and our shared love of the artists and music we feature on it, Peachi and I are trying to get a podcast off the ground under the monicker of Radio Ra.

So far we've only managed a few sketchy pilots as we attempt to get our heads round the technical side of things. The first attempts at a joint podcast took place in Nottingham a few months ago, but were hampered by technical issues and far too much alcohol.

Since then Peachi's had a go at a some more sober solo shows and I recorded my first attempt at a pilot using my spanking new Reloop Digital Jockey 2 mp3 controller last night. I've only used the kit a few times so far so there are a few glitches, in particular a rather obvious technical fail at the end - *must* remember to plug laptop in next time - but mainly there's a whole bunch of fat bass heavy tunes that rock my world right now. Enjoy!

  Radio Ra Podcast - Musical Mana (Fail #1) - 19 May 2010 by Morbgit

PLEASE NOTE: The views expressed in this recording are entirely my own and most likely wrong. No facts were verified in the making of this podcast, so believe what I say at your own peril!

1 comment:

  1. Nice work great mate ;)

    Top track selections and good energy all the way thorugh... you glitch hop whore!