Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Digital Sensation UK - Fletric - free guest mix

Peachi here: Been listening to this free mix all weekend by Fletric presented by Digital Sensation UK. It's downloadable free at the 'This is Breaks' website. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and hit download. Two free tracks on there too.... but the mix is where its at for me. Oddly enough sounds much better on headphones than on speakers. I think its because there is alot of head noises on there that benefit from a fuller immersion in the stereo sound. Crunch, squelch, psy-LAAAZZZER noises and bass-drive... LOVE THAT COMBO!!

Here's the intro from the interview you can find on there too:

"Digital Sensation UK is a newer label on the scene, having been around for just under a year. But they're rapidly gaining attention for two things: beautifully melodic, soundtrack-like breakbeat, and breaking talented new artists. Label head Duane Barry started the label out of a love for progressive breaks and he quickly found out there were plenty of like-minded artists looking for an outlet for their music. Keep reading for a Q&A with the head honcho himself, who threw in not one, but two free tunes and a brand spankin' new mix from label artist Fletric."

Thankyou This is Breaks ;)

TRACK LISTING (I think!?!):

01 - Headphonics - The Night [Exogenic Breaks]
02 - TheEmissary - Synapse (Fretwell Remix) [Digital Sensation UK] [CDR]
03 - Refunk - It's Groovy (Boonos Remix) [Re:Connect Recordings]
04 - Fletric - Leveler (Original Mix) [Digital Sensation UK]
05 - Meat Katie, D. Ramirez - Stop The Revolution (Kid Blue Remix) - -[LOT49]
06 - Fletric - Microgravity (Original Mix) (Flextone Recordings)
07 - Fletric - Plug Me (Retroid Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
08 - Bkp & One Man Army - Flippit (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Dusted Breaks]
09 - Eternal Erection - Funky Police Car (Headphonics Remix) [Exogenic Breaks]
10 - Vadim Shantor - My Tasty Ass (Baymont Bross Remix) [The Pooty Club Records]
11 - HiHat - Killer Profit (Kultur & colombo Remix) [iBreaks Funk]
12 - Pharmacy Of Sound - Fkn Problem Is (Original Mix) [GK Records]
13 - Dilemn - Body Shout [Hardcore Beats]
14 - Robosapiens - Bodies (Hedflux Remix) [Dead Famous Records]
15 - Chris Nemmo - Nightsade (Fletric Remix) [Digital Sensation UK] [CDR]
16 - Kultur - Colombo - Blow Me [iBreaks Funk] [iBreaks Funk]
17 - Parallax Breakz - Almazzed (M_Spark Remix) [Digital Sensation UK] [CDR]
18 - Fletric - Leveler (Quadrat Beat Remix) [Digital Sensation UK]
19 - Elite Force Vs Various - Foxy Visitors [CDR]
20 - BSD - Hypnotizin [iBreaks Records]
21 - Parallax Breakz - Love (Original Mix) [Digital Sensation UK] [CDR]

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