Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mana & Manarangi

This one is about the meaning of Mana and not a music post. It was inspired by doing a balloon model today at a gig and finding out the child's name was Mana, which C-Ra and I recently found out was quite a good (cough deliberate cough) mispelling of 'Manna':

Mana - 1. A supernatural force believed to dwell in a person or sacred object.
2. Power; authority.

Wikipedia - Mana - In contemporary New Zealand English, the word Mana, taken from the Maori, refers to a person or organization of people of great personal prestige and character

So it turns out the kids name was actually short for "Manarangi" - which means something like ruler or ultimate god of power/energy.... but I can't find a clear definition of this online. It may be more from the Cook Islands the father said to me (I think).... ?

I was hopeing the guys who I made the balloon for (or anyone else really) might visit this blog and leave a comment to explain. We had quite a good conversation about it and they said they might look up this blog..... so we'll see ;)

I'm glad they wrote it down for me ir I'd never have remembered it. Mana-Ra to you all ;)


  1. Kia Orana ... i am a 'Manarangi' from the Cook Islands, "Mana" is as you have defined it above and "Rangi" is defined as Sky, Rangi is the Sky god / heaven ... the English words you attribute to the Maori word will give rise to the interpretation ie Manarangi - great/powerful sky; the power and authority of god of the sky;
    As a footnote; I think that an interpretation may be influenced by ones belief system,i.e. depending on what the word 'heaven' signifies for you.

  2. Hello my son will now be 5 in December. Say Ma-na-ra-ngi. After his my grandfather