Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Hedflux - Summer2010 Promo Mix

L O... Peachi ere: Well September sees the return of a favourite on the MM blog. YES its another SMASHER of a set from our good friend Dr. Hedflux and what better way to end the summer than with a lovely hour+ mix of very Hedflux'esque psychadelic tech funk. Download it for free on Soundcloud now - Summer 2010 Promo Mix - featuring 4 outstanding Hedflux tracks and two lovely remixes of his too (see track listing at end). Please support this lovely man by buying at least one of the tracks online if you like the mix (these things take time and he needs to eat!):

Hedflux Summer2010 Promo Mix by Hedflux

For me the stand out tracks have to be Revolve and Rhythm Prism that are just lovely examples of psy trance with a funky ass bass line and some lovely tech-future sounds: hence psy tech funk!! ...simples innit ;) (basically what I used to call techno-trance in my Escape from Samsara Days - but much more evolved) ......Revovle has all the spaciousness of Basscake with the driving bass and cheeky stops over lain by mind tickling psy licks to fiddle fondly with your flowing flux. I really like the "revolution" sample just before the big drop in the middle of the track. Rythm Prism just makes me want to BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE with its cheeky blip and blaps and upbeat boinging bass. Mind Cell is a corker but a little bit older and White Nights is new to me and is a lovely end to the mix.

In terms of overall composition this is a really evenly paced mix, unlike his Feb 2009 Promo mix (also free) which definately builds, this just gets going right from the start, which is great for using as a party mix if you want to UP the energy in the room sharpish. Things go a bit less playful after Revolve as Dr.Hedlux shows his darker side, but I think this sets it all up nicely for the final track as you emerge into the sunshine out of the more heavy techno laden last quarter; even though the last track is still still quite hard but FULL ON! (like a double rainbow OMG!). Great mix all round, thanks Steve and keep on keeping on!

A man who obviously takes himself too unseriously
(but big Dr to Dr fancy dress respek!)

In terms of developing and expanding this genre though, I wonder if there isn't some scope for fusion using some more dubstep'ey baselines and top end licks like in Mimosa and Nit GRit. There are some lovely grating serating bass lines and some crazy sounds that would mix well with Hedflux's style tracks. I think the range of beats/bass lines in dubstep is much more innovative and interesting than in the tech funk arena and why my attention has been there mostly recently (see previous). Lets hope there is some fusion, no harm in dropping a hint or two is there ;)

So Dr.Hedflux has being blowing our minds in other ways with, in his words, a "humble contribution to the LSD magazine: to be be found in Issue 5, page 104. And a right royal good read it is too... really honest, open and a far out there introduction to the ideas behind his " its the future brought to us now" music. Read and contemplate hmmmmm:

Formatting FAIL but fuggit! ;)

Hedflux - Summer 2010 Mix Tracklist:

1. Orzels Machine - Spaced [Trick Music]
2. Hedflux - Mindcell [Broken Robot]
3. RMS & Peak - Ten Dimensions [Broken Robot]
4. OOOD - Oddball (Hedflux Remix) [Broken Robot]
5. Hedflux - Rhythm Prism [Broken Robot]
6. Subliminal System - Into the Burgh (Monk3y Logic remix) [CDR]
7. Hedflux - Revolve [Broken Robot]
8. Lee Coombs - Light and Dark (Neurodriver remix) [Lot49]
9. Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes - Rollplayer (Hedflux Remix) [Lot49]
10. Dual Boot - Trigger (Triple Agent remix) [Ridiculoud]
11. Hedflux - White Nights [Broken Robot]

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