Saturday, 18 September 2010

NiT GRit - Burning Man 2010 Mix

Peachi here - WELL are you ready for some more HEAVY BASS GUNS of: dubstep, thugstep, grime, glitch hop, filth, laser bass and (my favourites) fractal womp and future glitch womp?


Well its time to listen to Mr NiT GRit (thats capital N, small i, capital T etc etc...) - aka. Danny Beall from San Jose, US of A (fuck yeah!) - thanks to Morbjit Chris-Ra for spotting this first!

And YES finally NitGrit has something out on soundcloud that you can download for free- its uploaded by Chronodog and its only 27 mins long but its a corker. I also recommend just going to his soundcloud home page and just listening to everything there. There is also a free EP - Pedro the Destroyer - to be downloaded from his (pretty basic) website. So go on have a click-a-thon and please buy one of his EP's or his album if you like the free stuff - support the dude (see below):

NiT GRit--Burning Man 2010 Mix by chrondog

So sorry to have missed him and Burning Man this year, but if you did too, here's a great video with a lovely dub step soundtrack ;)

His four main EP's that I can work out are (in sort of chronological order, most recent first): Awakenings, Synthetic Heaven, Heavy Machinary and Pedro the Destroyer - although there are many other tracks on his soundcloud page (and according to his website Heavy Machinery comes out in December 2010 - so yeah that really needs some work - his Face Waste page is much more up to date and he checks in there failry regularly it seems). He has one album out that is also on his webpage that is self named NiT GRit which has 13 great track on it.

Of the EP's Awakenings is by far the most evolved and beautiful, with the others getting steadily harder as you go back in time. I'm not going to give a big analysis because someone has already done it much better than I could here. And I pretty much agree with what's said there so no need to repeat it - its a really good read too (very insightful and inspiring review - respek!). Love Song on the Awakenings EP has a beutiful haunting lyric on it and Grit Shift is pumping full of life force. So I recommend buying the Awakenings EP at least. You can buy it here I think. They're around $5 each so why not buy the lot aye ;)

I would say though that he still has some way to go to capture the subtelties, depth and epic'ness found in, for instance, Mimosa - which is also a lot more varied IMHO. But its still rockin it and its got some beautiful future-tech sounds in there!! All could be a good accompaniment for a massive space battle - and that's my litmus test for a good hard track ;)

If you want to hear some of his earlier stuff then there is Lay Awake and Sloth Logic - which I think are more down temp - but I haven't gone through them yet. ENJOY!!

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