Monday, 13 December 2010

Katty Grooves - Bangers and Mash & Factorydelic

Peachi here - another short one, just to give you the link to this fairly feline "Funky Fidgety Filth" for your ears.... fablious! Nice heavy, bumpy and funky tracks all the way through I fink... enjoy! ;) [I like lovely alliteration a lot]

Bangers N Mash by Katty Grooves

I particularly like the drop at 26.50... drool!

Check out her soundcloud page for some udder stuff :

"Funky Monkey" is more psy trance and not really my ting, but you may like it... and of course its a great name ;)

"Factorydelic" (below) is a tiny bit older but is lovely and PHAT and aptly described as: "A dirty wander through a scummer's dream" . It certainly is scratchy-scratchy behind the ears tech funk - so download it NOW for aural pleasure! (its a WAV file for some reason so takes a while, but well worth it! ...or is it "Fuck-tory-delic" as it appears when you play it... much better name... ha ha ha ;)

FACTORYDELIC by Katty Grooves

Keep it up Katty Grooves.... loving your work dahhhling! ;)



Far too Loud - Bring Back Boogie
Olmec - Push It
Olmec - Aliens Love Underpants
Alex Mind - The Fart Track (!)
Perfect Cell - Straight Up Music (Darth Vader rmx)
Campbell - All Aboard (Jacksaw rmx)
Jho fm - Funk Bass Energy (Perfect Cell rmx)
Alex Mind - Omen to Mumbai


1. Far Too Loud - We Want to Dance
2.Bruno Barudi - Fucking Music

3. Alex Mind/ Electrixx - No Discussion
4. Dirty Loud- Disco Records
5. Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker

6. Aaren San - Apes from Space (Dirtyloud remix)
7. MOnk3ylogic - Where's the car? (Olmec remix)
8. Far too Loud - Banana Boy
9. Code Zero - Blackout (Kiwa rmx)
10. Hedflux - Music is my weapon (far too loud rmx)
11. Electrixx - Tetris

Its all about animals with earphones on innit! ;)

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