Monday, 6 December 2010

RaFlux Mix - by DJ Peachimpy-Ra

Peachi here - Hello all. Well this is just gonna be a short one to post up my first full power tech funk psy breaks mix. I'm still learning but progress is being made. Hope you like it ;) All constructive comments gratefully received!

RaFlux by Peachimpy-Ra

This is pretty much my ideal music to dance to and is mainly a series of my favourite PHAT beated tracks. A lot of them have quite serated and thick bass lines and are generally funky as f*ck IMHO!

Track Listing:

Rebels - Beens
Play it Loud - Far Too Loud (Broken Robot Mix)
Robofunk - Neurodriver
Basscake - Hedflux
Bass Association - Far Too Loud
What You Gonna Do - Neurodriver / Atomic Drop
Musik - The Beatpusherz
Disco Decay - Nelix (Felguk Remix)
Apes From Space - Aaren San (Dirty Loud Remix)
What U Think - Dirtyloud
Revolve - Hedflux
Disclaimer - Ed Solo and Skool of Thought

Big thanks to Dr.Hedflux for advance copy of Revolve. Looking forward to its release in 2011. Every time I hear the voice sample I just love the sentiment more and more... plus its a lovely deep and warm funky track... lovley ;)

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