Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mr. Mirra & Mary Miss Fairy - Evil Fembot & Robot Whores - and Bang My Ear new MMF mix

LO Peachi ere: Had to be careful how to write that title without suggesting anything :) Anyway, just a quicky to give you the links to two phat new tracks to buy and a new free mix from Mary Miss Fairy.... and I'll take any excuse to post sexy fembot pics!! [I enjoyed the research on this entry]

The two new tracks both have great names: "Evil Fembot" and "Robot Whores" and the former is produced by Mr. Mirra and Mary Miss Fairy, the latter just by Mr. Mirra - they both have a stunningly pounding bass and a phat driving beat and some good fembot samples in there (one from the top SciFi film Surrogates I believe). I really loved them both and will be using them in future mixes. You can buy both for a measly £3.46 on Beatport (not sure why it's categorised as 'trance' though?). Anyway, please support the artist if you enjoy all the free stuff!!

Next up a new mix from MMF at a recent gig at Bang My Ear in France (15/11/2011) - you can listen to it on soundcloud below or download it on her DJ page here. Wall to wall bangers and once again a good driving beat and pounding bass all the way through.

Mary Miss Fairy @ Bang My Ear! #8 by BeatSuckerZ


Finally a bit of related comedy - a video clip from the excellent Black Books series - linked here.... enjoy!


  1. Just wanna add- as well as the 'trance' label beatport made another mistake- It's only Evil Fembot that's by Mary Miss Fairy as well, Robot Whores is just by Mr. Mirra ;-)