Sunday, 27 February 2011

Love and Light: Crunk Junkees from Reno

2010 was the year that wobbly, funk mid-tempo breaks and glitch-hop really landed. Towards the end of the year Love and Light dropped a gem of an EP - Crunk Junkee - on Simplify Records, who are fast becoming one of my favourite labels at the moment. Hailing from Reno, right next to Black Rock City, these guys make some proper lush bass bounces. Essential for anyone into Opiuo and JPodtbc, although a bit more downtempo. Check out the free mini-mix and get the EP before the next one!

  Love and Light - Crunk Junkee EP - MINI MIX by Simplify Recordings

I came across Love and Light via Bwomp Beats and this awesome Stephan Jacobs collaboration (yes Peachi, awesome like the universe)

  Stephan Jacobs & Love and Light - Sound A Da Bass (feat Naada) MORE 320's IN SONG DESCRIPTION!!! by Love and Light

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  1. Approaching awesome, maybe even rimming it, maybe awesome comparable to an earlier stage of the universe... but that is all ;)

    Serially though, great tracks, tx Morbjit ;)