Friday, 3 June 2011

Marsh on the Marshes: The Badical's Hi-Tec Hip-Hop

The first time I saw The Badical they were blowing up a jungle dome in the desert with their twisted science, a potent concoction of multi-flavoured bass music.

Last time I saw Andrew Marsh he was clinging onto the back of a bass buggy mobile soundsystem on Hackney Marshes, a mutant Mothercare vehicle for outdoor-types being put to good use to protect a darling pair of speakers, busy blasting beats into the assembled ranks of BBQ eating warehouse-dwellers. From what I remember, swigging cider as the sun set over the East Coast railway, his set scoped classic hip hop to 90s cheese filtered through various prisms of flitched out hip-hop, IDM and dubstep. There was also lots of other stuff so pleasantly unexpected that I can't remember it.

When I asked Andrew for some compressed BBQ Marsh-hop he pointed me towards the full set of The Badical mixtapes, from which the hi tek hip hop number most closely resembles what I was trying to recapture. It sweeps from J Dilla and Foreign Beggars through RJD2, The Knife and Four Tet to The Glitch Mob, Mochipet and Modeselektor. Badassical innit.

DOWNLOAD The Badical's Hi-Tec Hip Hop Mix (Right Click Save As)

madvillian - all caps
flylo - grapesicles (samiyam remix)
unknown white label
J Dilla - workinonit
MED - Cant Hold On
Foreing beggars - Glacial (ft syntax)
D...iplo - Big Lost
Clark - Herr Bar
Osland and erro - Everything in its right place
Soldier Girl RJD2 remix
Fourtet - Smile around the face
The Knife - We share our mothers health
LOTP - The bears are coming
Kis sister - unknown
Try Again - Simian mix
sentinal - Eliot Lip
Monday - Glitch mod edit
mochipet - Turbo Thizz penetration
Busy P - c-est chollet (or something)
Krazy Baldhead - revolution
Modeselektor - Edgar w/ the first rebirth double drop
All is full of love - plaid remix
TTC - Antenne 2
HudMo - Overnight

In other news, Andrew has designed The Synflower - a multi-player musical instrument for one to eight people - and an Aerodynamic Umbrella. Nice one!

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