Thursday, 2 June 2011

Music for post-traumatic stress decompression on a summer evening

You know how sometimes you just get bored of everything you have on your MP3 player? You've heard it all before. It all sounds the same. Why the hell have you been bothering with all this shit?! Why don't I just listen to pop music or the radio? Or maybe you have more than 8GB capacity...

I've been having this kinda existential crisis with my whole life lately. Thankfully though, after another day of suffocating in my mentally over stimulating and anxiety inducing work, I left the office to the sounds of four mixes I've recently downloaded and went to sit by the river, where I achieved a more zen-like state of glitchitation. Just what the perspective-adjusting mind doctor ordered. Enjoy.

AfroMonk runs a wicked blog right here. He's just got back from Lightning in a Bottle. Git. This is a damn tasty lovestep mixtape he's done for
  Afro Monk Presents: Left Behind - ( by AfroMonk
Featuring music by: Gladkill, +verb, Manni Dee, Guttstar, Nico Luminous, Thriftworks, Elfkowitz, Mimi Page, Omega, Jobot, NastyNasty, Tokimonsta, B. Bravo, Epcot, The Human Experience, Chris B, & Ghetto Sexuual

kLL sMTH from Smoulder, Bollorado makes some proper synapse tweaking insertdescriptivenamehere-step tunes like Smoothstep and a journey through time and bass. This is a live set from the Ghost Ranch wherever the fuck that is
  Live at the Ghost Ranch pt. 2 (all original set) by kLL sMTH
1. Smoothstep vs. Cassie
2. Funky Crunk
3. Slamborghini
4. Gnaardvark vs. Stilettos - crime mob
5. Subsonic (kLL SMTH Remix) - Excision
6. Babylon (kLL SMTH Remix) - NiT GriT
7. Bustle Hustla
8. Rump Shakin
9. Nurrbody into Body Movement - Conquest

Simplify have simply put out some of the best glitch-hop and bass music of the last year from Stephan Jacobs, Love and Light, Chris B, Ben Samples, Elfkowitz and Blunt Instrument. Like a glitch-hop finger buffet, this mixtape by Aaron Simpson has it all and more. Fuck. Yeah.
  Simplify Mix Sessions 7 by Simplify Recordings 
01 Nero – Me & You (Danger Remix) (MTA)
02 Opiuo – Patchouli Dump Truck (Addictech)
03 Love & Light – The Light We Bring (Simplify)
04 Samples – Montauk Point (Made In Glitch)
05 Knight Riderz – Light It Up (Made In Glitch)
06 DCarls – All In (Simplify)
07 Blunt Instrument – Simmer Gently (Simplify)
08 Digital Rust – Loophole (Addictech)
09 Love & Light – Slap and Tickle (Simplify)
10 Freddy Todd – Skattabrain (Simplify
11 Kraddy – Let Go (Instrumental) (Minotaur)
12 Gramatik – The Uprising (Cold Busted)
13 DCarls – Flavorhythm (Simplify)
14 Gramatik – Who Got Juice (Cold Busted)
15 Who Cares – These Three Words (ill-esha Remix) (Simplify)
16 Pretty Lights – Hot Like Sauce (Rustified Remix) (Pretty Lights)
17 Freddy Todd featuring Unc – Homefaced (Simplify)
18 Hirshee & Tonye Aganaba – So Good (Big Fish)
19 Stephan Jacobs – In The Vortex (Simplify)

When you need to chill-the-fuck-out after that one, try Guido's latest 29 minute mixtape, which sends me floating out into a sea of twostep Light Emitting Diode twilight. It's even got some conscious grime vocals set to such beautiful minimal bassline production that it almost sounds like he's not angry. Lush.
  29 min mix 2011 - GUIDO by guido productions
Class act
Quick idea
The PL Remix Type & J B Love (Remix)
Lunar Eclipse
Micro X (Forthcoming State Of Joy)
Most wanted
Ballin' feat Baobinga (Forthcoming BUILD)
What I'm here for feat Scarz
Dust Off
Same Road feat Shadz

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