Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cryptex - Slaying it!

So I've been travelling Europe for the last five months making streetshows - apologies for the silence on the music front... Now I'm back, I'm busily trying to catch up with everything I've missed.

Straight to number one on my list of BOOM TUNES is 'Slay It' from Cryptex's new EP, 'Isolated Incidents' available for download now (

Slay It [Isolated Incidents EP - Gravitas Recordings, OUT NOW] by cryptex

Smooth symphonic intro drops into HEAVY oscillator glitch... I freakin' love it!!

Next up, another new release, this time a collab between basically all my favourite artists: Aussie electronic rockstars Blunt Instrument and US glitch powerhouses Love and Light. This tune is off the brand spanking new EP 'Reheated and Remixed' and it's called 'Simmering Beans Gently for Pauly':

Blunt Instrument - Simmering Beans Gently For Pauly (Love and Light Remix) by bluntinstrument

It's a mashup of tunes from Blunt Instrument's recent EP 'Twice Baked' - 'Simmering Gently' and 'Beans for Pauly', with some serious Love and Light crunk juice to spice up the mix. Get the full EP here (

And finally, a cheeky hiphop curveball for all you electronic heads out there - I sniffed this out while I was travelling and didn't get to listen to it for a while, and since then it's really grown on me to break into my 'most listened' tracklist:

Han son feat.Jay-Z by ghettofunk

If you like the tune, you can download it free from the 'members only' section of the Ghetto Funk website.

That's all from me for now, I need to get downloading more music...

Love and kisses,


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