Monday, 31 October 2011

UK Glitch Hop rocks

So, following a 2011 UK tour from Bassnectar (the first in 7 years), The Glitch Mob also return to the UK this weekend. With dubstep getting ever more US sounding (Flux Pavillion, Doctor P), a jaw dropping EP from Zen Death Squad this summer (pictured above) and an amazing forthcoming tune from Koan Sound on Zane Lowe's playlist this week, the time feels ripe for UK Glitch Hop to blow up in 2012.

On this tip I've started a UK Glitch Hop Facebook page to help you keep track of events and releases, as well as keeping everyone else posted with what you're up to (Like Like Like). According to Facebook there's over 30,000 of us in the UK who like US glitch hop acts, so lets get behind our home-grown talent as well. They fucking bounce! Here's a guide to what's out there at the moment...

Released today, here's a sample of that literal Funk Blaster from Bristol's Koan Sound:
  Funk Blaster by KOAN Sound

With heavy props from the likes of ill.Gates, Ben Samples and Muti Music boss Dov, this is my EP of the year so far from London's Zen Death Squad. They've just completed a US tour and have a new release on the boil.
  Cyber Dojo Lazer Training EP by Zen Death Squad

Bigup the originator - Dave Tipper is one of the artists that got this whole thing started and probably the first person I ever heard playing glitch hop in the UK

  Snake Eyes / Chrome Splat by tippermusic

Led by William Breakspear and based in Liverpool Skanky Panky records has been flying the glitch hop flag on these shores for almost two years now. Although their artists range from far and wide here are a few of the UK based gems, including Son of a Glitch from London and Fredo from Bournemouth:
    SPRR004D Son Of A Glitch - Together 80kbps Preview by Skanky Panky Records
    SPRF006 - William Breakspear - Skanky Panky Tune (SPRF006) by Skanky Panky Records
  SPRF005 - Top Cat - Special Request (SixAM remix) by Skanky Panky Records
This one from Fredo
  80kbps - SPRR001B - Ent Wot Yo by Skanky Panky Records
  80kbps - SPRR001C - Vowel Mouthed by Skanky Panky Records

The first DJ I ever heard smashing balls of lazer crunk across UK dancefloors was Your Niece. He opened for Bassnectar at Secret Garden Party this year and blew the Colisillium apart
  Your Niece - Headshot Masterclass by Your Niece

Cambridge's Mouldy Soul comes with a heavy wobble, delicate minimal techno sounding glitches, is signed to Colony Productions and had his first release with KrossBow through Addictech earlier in the year
  Wine and shine by Mouldy Soul
  What if jimi was a monster by Mouldy Soul
  KrossBow - Absolute Crisis by KrossBow

I seem to remember Vent from London making heavy ass dubstep smashers, but they've recently co-produced a sick track with ill.gates and Opiuo and released more mid-tempo wobble through Colony Productions
  Ill.gates + Opiuo + VENT - Trillogy by VENT

Inaudible from Birmingham has been pretty audible in the glitch hop community, comes highly recommended from Doktor Krank and has even remixed Freddy Todd and Splatinum.
    inaudible - an irrational fear by inaudible
  Freddy Todd - Thug Tastic (inaudible remix) by inaudible
  Splatinum - Pumping Quarterz (inaudible Remix) by inaudible

Orangudan in Worcester has been smashing out the wobble and mid-tempo for some time
  NippleRash by Orangudan

On the mid-tempo / electro side of things there's a very tasty producer coming on in Guildford called WBBL
  Wbbl Up Here by WBBL

Also down in Bristol DJ Parker is rather partial to a bit of glitch-hop. Although I've not yet heard a full glicthed out release from him it can only be a matter of time (nudge nudge, hint hint)
  Parker - The Monkey Butler Did It...Mix by Parker*

Last and probably least, here's a bunch of my old glitchtapes (fresh sounds on the way!)
  Morbidly Obese Midget - Om Bongo Whomp Hop (Tribal Circuitry 2011-04-23) by Morbidly Obese Midget
  Morbidly Obese Midget - Burning Night Paris (Wobble Till You Bounce) by Morbidly Obese Midget

  Morbidly Obese Midget - Droppin bombs on ya glitch - Nov 2010 by Morbidly Obese Midget

It's 1am on a school night, so I'm bound to have missed about a million people off the list. If I have post your tunes here!

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