Thursday, 24 November 2011

UK Glitch Hop: November round-up

Big month for UK Glitch Hop! Not only have we got a Facebook community and Soundcloud group going great gunz, but there's been a shedload of quality music coming out, including...

...the return of the king! Following on from the Snake Eyes EP, Dave Tipper's dropped a stonker of a release the Bubble Control EP - accompanied by a promo mix that's had glitch hop producers the world over jizzing on their controls with excitement at the quality of his production. Just read the comments below...

  Tipper Promo Mix 2011 by tippermusic

You'll probably also like this well timed freebie from Enig'matik.
  Tipper-Cycleswithincycles (Sun In Aquarius BOOTLEG RMX) [ENIG'MATIK RECORDS FREE PROMO] by Enig'matik Records

Skanky Panky records co-founder William Breakspear's given us a tantalizing taster of his long-awaited album Bardcor, coming out ant minute now on Rocstar
  BARDCORE ALBUM PREVIEW! by William Breakspear

...and a tasty remix of K+Lab's and Funkdamunk's brilliant McFly was a Raver
  K+lab and Funkdamunk - Mcfly was a Raver (WB's "Power of Love" remix) by William Breakspear

Bobby Tank unleashed the epic Vanquish EP on Vermin Street right at the start of the month. Described by Zen Death Squad as a "Pure funk dream" the three original tracks and myriad of varied remixes span post-dubstep, glitch, wonky and funk. Brilliant:

  Bobby Tank - Vanquish EP (OUT NOW ON VERMIN STREET RECORDS) by BobbyTank

Swiftly followed by the even more off-the-wall Nexus Moonburgers EP:
  Bobby Tank - Nexus Moonburgers EP (OUT NOW ON PRIME DUB L.A) by BobbyTank

Plus here's a more recent freebie:
  Break Away by BobbyTank  

Inaudible served up a killer mixtape this month too, this one for Guildford's KaneFM, which recently got it's licence and have been havin' it even larger ever since. I don't know how he's crammed so much into 30 mins! Catch him in Birmingham on 22 December.
  Nov2011 Mix for by inaudible

01. Dimlite – Elbow Flood
02. Robot Kotch – Bugs
03. Nosaj Thing – Quest (Low Limit Remix)
04. Soulparlour feat. Raziel Jamaerah – Don’t Stop
05. Unknown - Thai Honeymoon
06. Amon Tobin – 4 Ton Mantis (Bonobo Remix)
07. Modeselektor feat Miss Platnum – Berlin
08. Milez Benjamin – Chop That Wood
09. Zen Deathsquad – Superman (ZDS Remix)
10. NastyNasty – Brooklyns Finest
11. Fulgeance feat 215tfk – Bien Rond (Kelpe Remix)
12. French Turist - seq6 (Vox Noam)
13. Montgomery Clunk - Sink The Clunkmobile
14. Acre – Patterns
15. Mad Zach – Glitch Villain
16. Modeselektor feat. Busdriver – Pretentious Friends
17. ill.Gates, Opiuo & Vent – TriLLogy
18. Spoonbill – Catfish
19. Logreybeam - Premonition (evac remix)
20. Tipper – LED Down (Serc Remix)
21. Lakritze – Killswitch
22. Monolithium-Selfish Lil Crunk
23. Nino & Coco Bryce - Metropolis (Krsur Remix)
24. Swedeart feat. Stray - Linguistics (Sam Irl Remix)
25. Mr. Bibal & Chiky B – Galaxy
26. Kraddy - Operation Prometheus

Mouldy Soul's been teasing us with two very tasty new EPs, on Colony Productions and Broken Records, and a laid back little remix for Riddim Fruit, release dates still tbc
  Supernova - Shimi Sonic (MouldySoul Remix) by Mouldy Soul
  Insert Ep by Mouldy Soul
  Hypersquelch EP by Mouldy Soul

If you can't wait for those, get your chops round these freebies in the meantime:
  Freebees :) by Mouldy Soul

Slugabed's let some kittens out the closet. (Doesn't he look cute?)
It might not have been November, but Rustie's debut LP, Glass Swords, is still pretty fresh. It sounds a lot like a game boy at a disco. Grab the free sample of All Nite here:
Rustie - All Nite (taken from Glass Swords) by Rustie

Koan Sound's mixed-up another monster, this time for LAs Kill the Noise
  Kill The Noise - Deal With It (KOAN Sound Remix) by KOAN Sound

I was inspired by their Funk Blaster EP for my last mixtape:
    Are you funking my face? by Morbidly Obese Midget
Koan Sound - Talk Box
K Lab / Funkdamunk - McFly was a Raver
Blunt Instrument - Simmer Gently
D Carls - All In
Koan Sound - Funk Blaster
GRiz - I'm Home (FreQ's Moombahton Relick)
K Theory - Glitch & Blues
Love and Light - Ninjas Brothas Motha
William Breakspear - Vowel Mouthed
Knight Riderz - Enter Reality
Eddy Crusher - Starting Blocks
Opiuo - Moose Tooth
Bobby Tank - Questar

Ninja Dave's put me onto this wicked slab of electro glitch-funk from London's Sabre Pulse. The rest of the album morphs across the hole gamut of bass music, well worth checking out!

On the flipside Orangudan's served up a beautiful downtempo mix. Good to see lots of Ninja Tune and other flavours in there: 
  UnDaMu by Orangudan

You can argue whether it's glitch hop, but Benji Boko's doing pretty well on the DJ Shadow remix comp:
DJ Shadow Ft. Little Dragon - Scale It Back [Benji Boko Remix] by BENJI BOKO

They're not from UK, but my personal vote's for Blunt Instrument's funky-arsed bass version, currently sitting at the top of the group:
  DJ Shadow - Scale it back (Blunt Instrument remix) Check Description to VOTE by bluntinstrument

And last but certainly not least, the grand master of west-coast digital psychedelia, Android Jones has an exhibition at Hoxton Gallery opening 28 November. You've probably seen his work in the Inspiralled gallery at Glade, at Boom Festival or in the Fractal Village at Burning Man where it graced the flyer this year and many of these works will be the result of his legendary live performances, where he visually realises his response to the musical environment he's in. Don't miss it!

What have I missed? If you want to be considered for inclusion, post your tunes and mixes in our Facebook community and Soundcloud group. Oh, and if you want to have a say in what we
 call our show on Glitch.FM, then vote here!


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