Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Still in a Reverie with ill-esha

ill-esha's first album, Circadian Rhythms (above) was a real grower for me and stayed playlisted for a long long time. The latest release this summer on Muti Music, Reverie, has been no different - it just keeps getting better! Her sound is really organic, with some kinda bass soul. She just makes damn good music. Check out the samples below and Get the album!

  Ill-Esha - The Golden Mean by Muti Music 
  Iron Waterfall (clip) by ill-esha 

Full tracklist
Reverie (Muti Music)
1. Sidewalk Chalk    4:56
2. Retrospect    3:57
3. 33 and a Third feat. Joe Mousepad    4:21
4. The Golden Mean    4:53
5. Iron Waterfall    5:18
6. Pretty Banger    4:46
7. Slide Over    5:39

Recent banger with Opiuo

Here's a nice bunch of remixes that always go down well too...

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