Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Greg Hunter - Dubsahara

Not long after I saw him last, my mate Spiral Matt sent me some links to some good downtempo mixes. I subsequently lost them and now two months later I've had to ask him for them again. Turns out it was well worth it. The first was to the latest incarnation of one of the true greats of down tempo world music, Greg Hunter. Along with Simon Posford and Youth, Hunter was one third of the classic ambient dub project Dub Trees.

Hunter's latest project is dubsahara which he describes himself as 'mystical Persian loops' and does pretty much what it says on the tin. Perfect music to evoke dreams of those balmy summer nights that will be hopefully soothing us in the next few months!

This mix is pretty lush:

Greg Hunter - Telefunkn mp3 57mb (Direct Link)

From the website - - you can also download the last dubsahara LP (new one on the way this summer):

Metasurfing - Cloudshaped - LP

and Hunter's mix from the Inspiral Lounge at Glade last year:

dubsahara - Glade 2008 mix

Roll on the festivals!

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