Monday, 11 May 2009

Mary Miss Fairy and the murder mystery

Had a sweet bank holiday weekend on a mate's farm in Wales. Barns, BBQ, soundsystem, woods, friends and camping... what more do you need? A pair of CD decks would've been handy but it didn't spoil the fun and we had many a wicked set to put on instead; including this epic techno / electro / breaks mix brought along by the lovely Mary Miss Fairy.

Mary Miss Fairy - Miss Scarlet in the Library with the lead pipe (direct link)

1)On the run - General Electrik (Dopamine dub)
2)Low and Down - Gustavo Assis
3)Dance baby - Urban monkeys (Dopamine remix)
4)Black out - Hostage
5)The people - Sebastian Leger
6)muzik - The Beatpusherz
7)Rubber man - Jud Sebastian ( Miles Dyson remix)
8) Viva la vida - Vino Gomiero (Gustavo Assis remix)
9) Les djins - Djuma soundsystem ( Miles dyson remix)

As far as I know no-one was actually murdered over the weekend. Just brain cells and good taste...

1 comment:

  1. eu qria essa musikk
    Low and Down - Gustavo Assis

    tem comu me passa uh link daonde baixoo ?

    curtii uh sett ouso td dia ^^

    lol foda dimais