Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Breafastaz: Guest mix on Breakzlinkz

Breakfastaz have been a bit quite lately.. their Myspace page is looking a bit like it did last year! Anyway, new things may be rumbling in the bass boys jungle as they've turned up with a fresh April Promo Mix featured on Breakzlinkz. Let's hope so, their remix of Freestyler's 'Warrior Charge' is one of my favourite dancefloor tunes and if this mix is anything to go by they are well and truly back on form with some proper mash up genius...

Breakfastaz - April 2009 Promo Mix for Breakslinkz


1. Granite, Pendulum, Breakfastaz remix & Girls Money Drink & Drugs, Breakfastaz, Acapella
2. The Slammer, Freestylers, Affinity Remix
3. Die Tonight, Innerparty System, LA Riots Remix
4. Acting Wrong, Breakfastaz
5. Rip Groove, Double 99
6. Modern Age, Radioplastic, N.A.P.T Remix
7. 8Bits of Pie, Breakfastaz
8. Blow, Ivory, Affinity Remix
9. Invaders Must Die, The Prodigy & Show Me Love Acapella (!!!!!)
10. Rocket Soul, The Plump Dj's & M.I.A Creator
11. Shock, Stereotype
12. Omen, The Prodigy, Noisia Remix
13. Raven, Proxy
14. Skism, Back Off

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