Sunday, 6 March 2011

Blunt Instrument: Sack Full of Twice Baked goodies

If you follow any glitch hop producers on Soundcloud, you're bound to recognise this little guy from the many supportive comments and shouts from the Blunt Instrument guys. For the last few years this Brisbane duo have been releasing their own full flavour wobbly glitch-hop and mid-tempo breaks for free on Bandcamp - check out the remixes on Noise Farming Vol 1 and the Total Hip Replacement EP. Bit Wobble is a particular favourite track of mine - click on THR above for a free download.
Bit Wobble by bluntinstrument

Originals - Glitch Hop by bluntinstrument

In the last few months the boys have released some even better tracks. First up was Battle Toad, one of my favourite tracks from An-ten-nae's third installment of his scene defining Acid Crunk collections.

Battle Toad (clip) on Acid Crunk Vol 3 - Out now on Beatport! by bluntinstrument

Then last month they've released their first paid for EP, Twice Baked on Simplify Records. Hands Full and Slightly More are both wicked tracks, but it's Sack Full that really gets my taste buds tingling. Built around a dance hall drum riddim, it's got a thick elastic baseline and a building bouncy beat, with just enough high end ping to get your brain tweaking. 'Bounce c'mon....bust to this'. Damn right I will.

Check out the Twice Baked sampes here... then buy it at Additech here!

To promo Twice Baked the guys are giving away this free taster. It's classic Blunt Instrument, taking a Jonathan Davis KoRn vocal to give the glitch hop a proper tribal sound. Enjoy!
Blunt Instrument - tURTLE sLAP (Right click save as)

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