Thursday, 25 December 2008

Nano Records: Free Compilation

Another seasonal treat - Saffy/UK psytrance label Nano have started releasing an entire compilation of free MP3's on their website! Home to the Commercial Hippies, Protoculture, Hydrophonic, AMD, Headroom and Allaby, Nano are by far one of my favourite psy labels. As the peeps behind the Origin stage at Glade, their clean, chunky, funky sound should be familiar from days of outdoor stomping in the summer. Click here for the download store on their lushly designed website, which also has a treasure trove of older Nano gems to get your paws on! New tracks are:

* Fearsome Engine - Beyond Imagination (from the new project of Tristan and Laughing Buddha)
* Avalon - Out There (the Nano debut of new Nano act AVALON, from the UK)
* Tristan and Regan - PFA (The legendary Tristan and Nano boss-man Regan, collaborating on a deep snarling monster!)

On the purchase front, Headroom and AMD's albums will have your feet stomping in seconds and the Commercial Hippies 'If you can't stand the heat' and 'Origin 3' were two of my favourite releases of '06...

Excitingly they've also recently signed Fearsome Engine (Laughing Buddha and Tristan), Avalon(Brighton, previous releases on Wild Things), Chromatone (US) and Hopi (UK) so should be even chunkier funk coming this way soon!

My mate Lexie and I met the Commercial Hippies (Chesh and Regan) in the chill out village at Boom 2006 after they'd played a stonking set earlier in the day. Lexie tried to convert them to Strongbow and we all got properly trashed...

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