Monday, 29 December 2008

Richie Hawtin party hat fun

Went to The End for a Minus night on Saturday for my mate Joe's birhday. Magda played a very laid back warm up followed by Loco Dice's warm bouncy sound, but Marco Houle's live set was a definate highlight. Ritchie Hawtin then showed everyone up as he took the helm with a really upbeat 4 hour set from 6-10.30.

Amazingly this as the first time I've seen him play... but it was easily one of my top3 techno sets of all time (alongside Derrick May and Jeff Mills). It was made all the more fun with party a set of party hats provided by Jo the Party Hat Princess. Richie was understandably reluctant to put his party hat on during his set but he was nice enough put it on after for us. Unfortunately no pic of that but we did get one of him and Jo (above). Legend!

Sadly The End is due to close on 23 January - a major blow to London clubbing. You can read an interview with The End’s directors, Layo and Zoe Paskin here. Such a shame as it's such a sweet venue - it will be greatly missed.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Minus recently celebrated their 10th birthday -
Click here to download a special Rob Da Bank and Friends feat. Richie Hawtin from earlier this year (track listing and link to download).

For a bit of comedy viewing, check his out. Worth it just for GMF's facial expressions...

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