Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Glitch Mob: Drink the Sea and Remix It Like You Stole It


So upfront, I have a confession to make. A few months on and I'm actually slightly disappointed by the Glitch Mob's debut 'Drink the Sea'. This is not too say that's it's bad. In fact if you're only going to read this part of this review, buy the album, it's well worth it! As stand alone tracks they're beautifully produced and there's plenty of those sharp hooks, tonk beats and enough bounce to get your arms swinging like you're really throwin' it down (see We Swarm below).

  We Swarm - DRINK THE SEA - Out Now by The Glitch Mob 

So what's my gripe? Well maybe I've kinda built it up to much in anticipation - eDit and Oaah have long been two of my favourite whomp and glitch-hop producers and I've always liked what I've heard from Boreta.

Drink the Sea certainly solidifies the Glitch Mob's sound, but for me the downside is that too many of the tracks sound a bit too similar and use many of the same tricks as the epic remixes with which they made their name. While this means that the album holds together in terms of cohesive sound, I get the same emotion from every track. They're occasionally a bit slow and overly epic (rock drums, Gfunk synths and guitars), without enough of those really poppin beats, glitches and deep whomp that make the individual artist's work so godamn addictive. This may be partly explained due to a slight void in the heavy crunk department, left by the departure of Kraddy not long before release, or a desire for album to be realised by a live band, as Lowri points out in this review.


Anyway, one way to get me really excited about an album again is to put out a bunch of sick remixes (see Freestylers' Raw a Fuck, Deekline and Wizard's last effort and Freeland's Cope).

Eskmo's chop up of Fistful of Silence is a case in point:

The Glitch Mob - Fistful of Silence (ESKMO Remix) - Right Click for free download

Full props to The Glitch Mob boys for putting the next one out to tender with an open invite to remix another of the stand out tracks, Drive It Like You Stole It. The prizes are many, the deadline is 20 August, all stems are available up on the site and there's already some sick entries. So let's see some of you bass heads steal this mix and put some proper breaking crunk funk in it!

For non-producers you can grab a lot of this tasty shit for free. Having had a listen to a few I'd recommend Mirko-Kosmos (sick!), Matty B (different), Technobears' Redux and the self explanatory Funkadhesive Remix.

Remix It Like You Stole It Competion - The Glitch Mob

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