Monday, 2 August 2010

Celestial Crunk Goddesses: Lotus Drops & Profresher

Chris here back on the blog for the first time in ages. Got a couple of stateside dubstep / crunk gems for ya!

The first is a mixtape by bay area DJ, Lotus Drops. Can't remember how I found it, but I've been digging her Celestial Whomp Goddess Transmission all summer. It's a sweet mix of classic eastern-tinged dubstep tunes by UK producers with more whompy US productions. Keeps a good pace throughout with some suitably epic swoops and drops. The only thing missing is a tracklisting. She's another DJ, like my mate Ade, that play sick sets but can't name half the tunes in them... maybe there's something in that! Anyone who wants to work the tracklisting out though, do give me a shout...

  The Celestial Goddess Womp Transmission by Lotus Drops

While listening to the Celestial Whomp Transmision on Soundcloud just now I found someone else asking for the same tracklisting. I don't know what made me click through, but I'm glad I did. It turns out that she's Billy Blacklight aka. Profresher (above) from Minneapolis, MN who gives very little away through her online profile, but posts some extremely sick downtempo whomp, psy crunk and dubstep tunes to her Soundcloud. I've posted a couple of the tastiest gems below. Look forward to hearing more from her!

  Think About Me by Profresher

  Eternity by Profresher


  1. Man, you had me goin' - I was like, "If she is *that* good looking and *that* talented she is going to take over the MFin Earfh! Turns out that Profresher/Billy Blacklight is a fella and just knows that assets like that girl in the pic has will bring the moths flittering around.
    Loving Profresher and also Willy Whompa - whose soundcloud page is how I found Profresher.

  2. Haha.. that explains a lot! Good knowledge, I'v leaving this here for posterity :-)