Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Slugabed: Drop a Donky On It

I first came across Slugabed through a review of his Ultra Heat Treated EP on Doktor Krank's epicly prolific bass blog. If you haven't heard it yet, at least get Skyfire - it's an epic slab of off kilter future-hop, with arcade game pings and blips morphing in and out of the most addictive melody, fading between bass runs and floaty pauses. Overall I'd probably describe his sound as somewhere between Joker and Flying Lotus.

More recently the learned Doktor has flagged up this dope mixtape he's done for Brighton night Donky Pitch. It's properly sick, with remixes of La Roux, Wu Tang Clan and what sound like Erykah Badu and Bjork and tracks skewed somewhere between filth and the sublime. I've been addicted for well over a week now. Enjoy!

  Slugabed - Put A Donky On It Mix by Donky Pitch

If you like that, Slugabed and the Donky Pitch crew are taking over Cafe 1001 just off Brick Lane in London this Saturday. Due to the usual twists of universal irony that flow through my life I'm due to be down in Brighton though. Oh well...

You can read more about Greg Slugabed in this recent Quietus interview. Apparently he's now moved to Kingston for some bizarre reason... will have to track him down sometime as that makes us practically neighbours and I've never heard anyone else playing music this good anywhere near here.

Phew! Managed the whole post without describing his music as wonky.... oh shit...

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