Saturday, 21 August 2010

Heyoka "Cosmic Boogie Promo Mix" - & Tigran Mimosa generally

Peachi here: Well on my quest to find more Tigran Mimosa style Whomp Whomp Glitch Warp, I found this delightful little ditty 'promo mix' from Heyoka to promote his "Cosmic Boogie" Album which you can buy here. But for free you can download his promo mix here or listen below.

Heyoka Cosmic Boogie Promo Mix by Muti Music

Another really nice heavy mix is here - but alas no free download.

Heyoka - idm, dnb, glitch hop, halfstep mix 2010 by Heyoka

You can also find his own stuff on soundcloud here. I like his Shlomsky track too which you can listen to here and buy by following the links. And here is his myspace page.

I also recommend having a listen to the Muti Music page linked here and above (muti is South African slang for medecine).

Heyoka is also known as Andrei Olenev and he harks from San Fran. I really liked this comment on one of his tracks on soundcloud:

"Having listened to a lot of Andrei's choonz, it seems like that's all he's got: big guns and bigger guns. Except that they shoot funk instead of bullets. Guns of massive interstellar electroshamanistic metafunk. Yeah, that."

- yeah, electroshamanistic metafunk guns - thats it ;)


So back to Tigran Mimosa and still probably my favourite mix at the moment is his "False Idol" mix available here for download and its already been on this MM blog here. This mix has really grown on me and its constantly running around my head these days. Been listening to the individual noises and really appreciating how complex and layered this music is. Some really original and fun noises in there.... listen to it without doing anything else! trust me ;)

So "False Idol" is about as close as I come to imagining the sound track to some rightous epic space battle/ opera. Which reminds me of the eloquent words of the mighty fine DJ Hedflux:

"Doesn’t good electronic music just make you feel super-fuckin-cool and futuristic? To me it feels like a window into the future. When I’m havin’ it on the dancefloor I feel like I am marching into the future with joyous determination."

- YEAH! with electroshamanistic metafunk guns - thats it ;)
I love the phrase "joyous determination" BTW.... full on power-Ra phrase... at your most euphoric and optimistic on the dance floor you can take on the world with power surging up from the ground all around your body (like a bass inspired Popeye - this actually happened to me at Nowhere Festival early sunday morning listening to this style of music RAAAA!) ;)))))))

Ahem....Anyway, confusingly this downloads as "2010-Remote Viewing..", so don't loose it in your pooter folder like I did for a while.

There is also a very nice free mini-mix here and below and you can find a few other free tracks. These are easy to get on his facebook page here and on his blog:

CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX by TigranMiMoSA

Enjoy and watch out for more Whomp Glitch Ting coming your way in the future (slightly addicted it seems)... Wonkey? pah! its all about the Whomp baby ;)

P.S. Anyone know what IDM means?....JFGI? its Ok I dunnit... but still don't know what it iz?!?

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  1. IDM stands for intelligent dance music. was used originally to describe the likes of Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre, and similar experimental-breakbeatish-weird-jungly-whatever-you-want-to-call-it