Friday, 20 January 2012

Mary Tale - Empress Relentless (Mary Melt) Mix

Hi all, Peachi ahoy after a long absence - forgive me. I guess I just haven't been listening to much new music recently apart from chasing up Morbjits MM updates. He's gona all glitch hop though, so I think its time to get back to some heavy tech funk breaks and who better to kick things of with than a favourite of the MM blog Mary Tale (artist formerly known as Mary Miss Fairy and treasured Ra-family member). Tis another belter from her with the kind of epic build-ups and drops remiscent of her legendary Paris Burners - Moulan Rouge set, [made it into Morbjits top three for 2011] - that set nearly took the roof off and fried a few onion garlands and burnt the bagettes!! [to be slightly racialistical - forgive me Monsieur Polo OohlaRa]

Before reveiwing Mary Tale's new mix, just a heads up to some SOPA and PIPA goings-on in the USA, to do with piracy and copyright infringment and freedom of the internet, that might seriously affect the whole internet by closing down sites like this. And I don't mean just this blog, but the host company for this site and any other media sharing sites, like: youtube, wikipedia and wordpress. To find out why check out this TED video that explains how they may become liable for user copyright infringments and managing that may become prohibitive. Then get informed and then get active, If you're from the US then get intouch with your government representative, if your not an Amerkan (mmmgay) then hassle your Amerkan friends to do so. It seems this bill wont pass, but a similar one may do soon, so stay informed and get active where necessary. Cheers!

Now onto the main event. Mary Tale's 'Empress Relentless Mix' is a corker, check it out:

Empress Relentless Mix by MaryMissFairy

I particularly like the first third as there as some really good build up tracks that drop into some massive drops. Mary has a great ear for tracks that do this and this makes listening to her set really high energy because you're on a roller coaster ride the whole way through. Although it seems to go a bit happy hardcore at around 13mins for a bit, it bounces back with some real brain melters in the mid section too. Very hard to describe the high energy tracks in there, but the best compliment I can give Mary's mixes is that I save them for special occassions and I have to be full on to listen to them. Not for the faint of heart and beware yee who wander across the mix half arsed, cause you will be dominated by the fembots of hard bass!! Which reminds me that I loved the tagline that comes with this mix:
"Like being beaten up by dominatrix robots whilst watching cute as a button anime characters Carlton dance for you...essentially"
- obvious innit, once you've listened to it!! I wasn't so sure about the drum and bass dessert at the end from about 47mins onwards but it wasn't too bad and you know, by now, she can do what she wants as you kneel before the Temple of the Empress Relentless taking it like the bass slut you are.... ehem... cough cough... OK, maybe that's just me then! ;-)

So Mary didn't make it freely donwloadeable on Soundcloud, sort of by mistake, but she said its OK for you to get your versions of the full mix via this blog. So here's the link and ENJOY!

Thanks for a great set MMF-Ra. Looking forward to hearing you live again sometime x

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