Sunday, 29 January 2012

Rama OOOD - Wobble Chops

Hey Peachi ear! Just a quicky to hook you guys up to this lovely squelch-fest of a mix from Rama OOOD. Or as his mum knows him "Ramsay Melhuish" - who claims to be part of the UK psychadelic trance furniture as an original member of the trance production team of OOOD that's been going since 1994 issit! Well we don't really do psy-trance on this blog so I'll take his word for it, and probably the closest we get is Hedflux style psy-tech-funk, which has a few psy-tranc'esque licks to it - but non of that torturously dull 4/4 drum beat bass. Basslines can be fun and varied guys!! Anyway check out this free download from Rama OOOD as its just a lovely mellow voyage through a pulsating and flowing world of sqishy wibbly bass that'll wobble your chops off if you don't watch out.... apparently!

I actually found it hanging out next to Mouldy Soul on a soundcloud search for more hypersquelch and I can see why! If you haven't listened to Mouldy Soul and you like this kinda stuff then check out their new EP Hypersquelch - I particularly like Yippee Cheese Face - great name, great track! Bought it and gonna keep it... so ner!

...and hasn't Rama OOOD got MASSIVE feet ;-) Enjoy! squelch squelch squelch

TRACK LISTING - (Genre: Psychedelic WonkStomp)

Beardyman – Kitchen Diaries
Ray Charles – Good Thyme (Opiuo mix)
Galactic Booty Activation – Ninjas brothas motha
Opiuo – Creamy Taco
Bondi Junkie – GooseBumps
Galactic Booty Activation – Lightning and Rain
Opiuo – Forensic Lick
Mr Bill – Chubby Bubby
Govinda – Universal On Switch
Slack Baba – Perverting Mankind
The Mollusk – Coloured PencilsOpiouo – Moose tooth
Opiuo – Slip (Vent mix)
Galactic Booty Activation – Precious cargo
Opiuo – Bogan Protein
Galactic Booty Activation – Structural Liberation
Ill Esha & Dewey B – H.A.A.R.P
Spoonbill – Hejow
Mr Bill – Perfectly Peppered

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  1. Hey guys, just to let you know that this mix is no longer available on Soundcloud, but you can listen and download it on our website here:
    You might also be interested in our 2010 EP 'Oddball', on Broken Robot, which included a remix by none other than ye aforementioned Hedflux :)