Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Morbidly Obese Midget's Heroes of 2011

Better late than never...
Ghetto Funk
My year began with a Jpod mixtape discovered via the Ghetto Funk blog. They've been consistently the best blog for free tunes, mixtapes and top dollar releases, but when your rooster includes Featurecast, Fort Knox Five, Basement Freaks, J-Pod, Stickybuds, Funkanomics, Pimpsoul and Nick Thayer to name just a few, then you can't really go wrong can you? Check out the VIP membership option for 2012
  Icons Vol 2 - The Ghetto Funk Remixes by Ghetto Funk

Simplify Recordings
My favourite glitch hop label of the year with consistently strong releases and a roster that covers DCarls, ill-esha, Knight Riderz, Stephan Jacobs, Minnesota, Love an Light, K Theory, +verb, Freddy Todd and Sugarpill. Nuff said.

Simplify Mix Sessions 7 by Simplify Recordings

For playing more sets at Burning Man than almost all the other DJs put together. Well, not quite, but it was a stupid number. I heard 30. He's also always got time for other musicians and fans, running workshops all over the world and online. Oh.... and he's released another dope album full of collaborations.

  ill.Gates & Mimosa - Never Alone [Free DL at] by ill.Gates
  ill.Gates, Opiuo & Vent - TriLLogy [The Ill.Methodology] by ill.Gates
  Ill Gates - Under Mi Wildflower - Free DL by ill.Gates

Another Ghetto Funk affiliate and he of 'Where's my Monkey' notoriety. Parker opened and closed 2011 with top notch mixtapes and has upheld a track record of solid releases throughout, both as one part of the Beekeepers and with his own remixes. I love his variety, samples and ability to move between styles - glitch hop, ghetto funk, d'n'b, dubsstep, electro swing. Plus he's a lovely guy and played a banging set for the handful people that were there to see him in Guildford earlier in the year!

  Parker - From Behind The Bookcase...Mix (2011) by Parker*
  Parker - The Monkey Butler Did It...Mix (2011) by Parker*

Because I'm sick of everyone crediting Skrillex for creating the dubstep scene in the US. Bassnectar has done more than anybody to promote bass music stateside and he deserves all the props he can get. Plus his first UK shows for 7 years at Fabric and Secret Garden Partys were off the scale! I wasn't the biggest fan of Divergent Spectrum, but this free remix EP is badass

  Divergent Spectrum Remixes [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Bassnectar 
In the last few years Soundcloud has become the de facto tool for marketing and discovering new music to audiophiles. One half on Hong Kong Ping Pong, DJ Spinforth deserves a knighthood for his weekly Soundcloud Scour at Ghetto Funk, which he's been persistently updating since the start of the year, each edition complete with a hilarous comedy photo. Sir Spinforth we salute you!

  Spinforth's "Durty Disco 1st Birthday Set" 30 09 11 by Spinforth

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