Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Too good to be free: Archnemisis, Nastynasty & Thriftworks

I'm not sure what's sparked it, but in the last year so there have been a slew of seriously good albums and EPs offered for free download via Bandcamp. Here's three recent releases from the US that are too good to be free...

First up Archnemesis, who share a label (1320 Records) with Nalepa, Prefuse 73, Virual Boy, Knowa Knowone and Eskmo. They're a new discovery for me, thanks to the brilliant Sample this Music blog. Reminiscent of Pretty Lights,who gives his music away for free too, it sounds like they've done a lot of organic sampling to get that really listenable, feel good, 'real music' vibe. People's Radio is music that's worth paying for, but you can download it for free here.
  Archnemesis - Peoples Radio by  

Nastynasty has a well established habit of giving away his best tunes for nothing. The Memorabilia EP is a good taster of the range of his sounds, from floaty subs to bubbling bass and off kilter funk, often lifted with deliciously soulful vocals.

I first came across Thriftworks on An-ten-nae's Acid Crunk vol.3, but this whole free album, the seond he's given away, is very much more on the downtempo side of the whomp fence. Lovingly produced, delicate and painfully beautiful, it's got an atmospheric desert-city-under-the-stars feel to it. Magical.

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