Sunday, 2 January 2011

JPOD (the beat chef) - Usual Flow

Peachi Here - Happy New Beers all! Welcome to 2011, may it be full of funky music to brighten your life via your massive ears and into your highly tuned mental pleasure zones ;)

So one of the joys of meeting new people at an extended New Years Eve Party (thanks Kev-Ra n ClaiRa) is that you get to meet new people and in the ensuing chill out you can hear some top new mixes. So it's with big thanks to Oli-Ra (also recently starring in the Spinning @ christmas party show) that I bring you this lovely warm and funky mix from JPOD - the Beat Chef. Not as full power as the usual stuff we post on here but perfect for a mellow dance or up tempo chill out - and plenty of dub-step and wompa wobble-a-tron (or Wobblehop and Midtempo Breaks as JPOD calls it!). Download the "Usual Flow" mix on soundcloud here and by clicking the down arrow below - track listing at end of blog entry.

usual flow by JPOD the beat chef

Lots of playful sillyness in there too with Fraggle Rock (Fraggle Womp.... Ha ha! ;) , the Smurfs and the Muppets making a welcome appearance at the end. Some great re-mixes of Nelly Furtado and AC/DC at the start after a quite fun intro if you listen to it through the voice-coder. My favourite bit is at about 48mins 20secs where "Hobostyle" kicks in and edges of my lips move towards my ears. LOVE IT!

You can also download a free EP "Tunes Pack" here with several of his tunes on for NOWT! - I recommend his remix of "Radiohead - Creep" (lovely complex and warm womp dub remix) and "How We Really Rock". Enjoy!

You can buy his music and stems etc here and there are other mixes and tracks on his soundcloud page that are worth checking out (like Collective Promo and 30mins Mess). Still working through it all myself... but all good so far!

Finally a big thanks to Chris-Ra Fatty Morbjit for his work on the Musical Mana Blog over the years - seriously enriched my life musically and it is a joy to chip in what I can! Love love love muzik innit ;) [I have to say it was great fun playing both our full power mixes back to back at the NYE party and having a good stomp to both....RRRAAAAaaaaa!]

TRACK LISTING for Usual Flow

mr rigolo - back in babylone
opiuo - water mouth
[ nelly furtado - turn off the light ]
[ baby cham - rude boy pledge ]
opiuo - off chops
[ red hot chili peppers - give it away ]
jpodtbc - santeria remix (instrumental)
[ parker - western soul acapella ]
[ mighty underdogs - in here ]
jpodtbc - hobblestone (instrumental)
[ lyrics born - turn it up ]
dunkelbunt - give you action
[ top cat - glamorous ]
mr. dero & klumzy tung - little things (jfb remix)
[ rayvon - no guns no murder ]
jpodtbc - sambanga (instrumental)
[ jurassic 5 - freedom ]
[ quannum - put yer back into it ]
william breakspear vs strangeways - skanky panky
[ tok - nah go stray ]
zeb - toe to toe
[ pharcyde - passin me by ]
jpodtbc - fragglewomp
jpodtbc - slapstick (instrumental)
[ buju banton & cocoa tea - go home soundboy ]
[ capleton - fire ]
[ bob marley - sun is shining ]
jpodtbc - teddydream
nick thayer - grey sky blue
[ mr vegas - taxi fare ]
[ baby cham - heading to the top ]
jpodtbc - untitled
[ afrika bambaataa - funky heroes ]
[ soup - listen to the dj ]
ganga giri - jump up
david starfire - sitarfire
[ beta g - bhangra panch ]
ganga giri - bayami
[ chromeo - night by night ]
dunkelbunt - kebab connection
[ afrika bambaataa & mustafa akbar - shift ]
flowering inferno - swing easy
[ tok - cree ]
jpodtbc - see you smile
dub pistols - ganja
[ beenie man - girls dem sugar ]
jpodtbc - hobostyle
opiuo - patchouli dump truck
[ blackalicious - make you feel that way ]
[ general degree - pon dem ]
[ see i - homegrown ]
jpodtbc - particle path (instrumental)
[ tok - she's hot ]
jpodtbc - yet again
jpodtbc - smurfalong
[ matisyahu - one day ]
jpodtbc - muppitshow

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